Essential Energy

Perfect for fueling active lifestyles, CELSIUS provides essential energy and is clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn body fat when exercising. Try all of the sparkling and non-carbonated flavors!

Celsius HEAT

Performance Energy

With 2,000 mg of L-citrulline and 300 mg of caffeine, this great-tasting performance energy drink is designed to optimize performance and give you a powerful energy boost that'll help you break through any challenge.

Celsius BCAA

Recovery Fuel

Give your body the recovery it deserves! CELSIUS BCAA +Energy uses a unique blend of BCAAs, Tart Cherry, Vitamin D3, Electrolytes and Caffeine to reduce inflammation and help rebuild and replenish your body after a workout.


Smartly Sweetened

This line of CELSIUS is unique because it's sweetened with Stevia and naturally caffeinated with green coffee bean extract. Each tasty flavor contains the same clinically proven ingredients as the original line.

Celsius On-The-Go

Energy anytime, anywhere

Enjoy essential energy anywhere, anytime with these powder stick packets. Each one contains the same clinically proven ingredients as the original line, only its compact size is easier for traveling. Just add water and go!