Celsius Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2004.


CELSIUS was introduced in a glass bottle in June 2005 with the flavors cola, lemon-lime and ginger ale.


CELSIUS launched in a 12oz sleek can and the popular flavors, Orange and Wild Berry, were added to the line-up. Soon after, the refreshing non-carbonated flavors, Raspberry Açaí and Peach Mango, as well as the CELSIUS On-the-Go powdered sticks, were available at retail.


Five additional university studies were completed on CELSIUS’ proprietary formula, validating its benefits of burning body fat and its ability to burn a minimum of 100 calories per can.

CELSIUS garnered over 16 international awards for health, taste and innovation.  The additional flavors of Watermelon and Grape launched and the brand underwent a strategic study to re-brand and position away from a “diet” item to that of a trend forward lifestyle brand, finding its niche in what is best described as a “Fitness Drink”.  Consistency in packaging and positioning around the globe began to take shape.


CELSIUS’ new positioning as a Fitness Drink was met with market-wide acceptance.  The brand won the InnoBev “Best Functional Drink” award at the Frankfurt, Germany, gala, among 180 entrants world wide.  The new re-brand took hold as the graphics on the original packaging were refreshed for single serve cans, 4pks and powders.

The CELSIUS sweetened with Stevia line extension launched in the first quarter with three sparkling and three non-carbonated flavors.  The line is naturally caffeinated and sweetened and intended for sale in the natural channel, a segment of the industry which CELSIUS had yet to be placed.

The company launched a second product in the portfolio, CELSIUS HEAT.  The new product includes the same proprietary formula, but has an increased caffeine level (300mg) and added L-Citrulline.  It launched with three carbonated flavors and with a focus on the fitness, military and vitamin specialty channels of trade.  The CELSIUS HEAT line is the second product in the CELH portfolio.