Brand Ambassador FAQ

Social Post Inquiries

When should I begin posting after being onboarded into the program?

Right away! We onboard ambassadors all throughout the month, so once you’re in the app you’re free to participate in any of the available challenges!

How many required social posts are there each month?

1 main-feed Instagram post and 2 Instagram story posts

What can I expect to receive each month after completing my required monthly social posts?

After completing the 1 main-feed post and 2 story posts, you can expect to receive 1 case of CELSIUS product!

When will I need to submit my posts by?

Your posts must be submitted before that available challenge expires in order to receive a case of product for the following month.

How can I ensure the CELSIUS Ambassador team is receiving all of my social posts?

Please be sure to include #CELSIUSLiveFit, #CELSIUSAmbassador and tag @celsiusofficial in all of your social posts. After this, please submit your posts for approval in the challenge portal you choose to participate in, through the Social Ladder app.

What are the monthly retailer challenges? Can I expect to participate in a retailer challenge each month?

These allow you an opportunity to receive more cases of CELSIUS! Through these challenges, our ambassadors can show their support on social for retailers who are carrying CELSIUS products.
Each month we will announce new challenges, and some will be regionally located. You can expect to receive new challenges monthly, dependent on where you are located!

Are the monthly challenge story posts counted separately from the regular required (2) story posts?

The challenge posts allow you a chance to receive extra cases of product each month, and these are not required to participate in. Because of this, these challenge story posts are counted separately from your regular required 2 monthly story posts.

How can I receive branded CELSIUS swag items?

By participating in challenges, you’re also earning points to redeem CELSIUS swag. Please visit our rewards tab along the bottom of the app to take you to view all available rewards!

Terms of Agreement Inquiries

Are the terms of the contract negotiable?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the terms of the Brand Ambassador contract. If this program is not something you are still interested in or able to comply with, that is completely fine and there will be no hard feelings! We ask that you please contact our team to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the contract.

Am I allowed to post for competing brands or products?

Per the Brand Ambassador contract agreements, our ambassadors are unable post for any direct competitors of ours. This would include products such as energy drinks, fitness pre-workout drinks, or BCAA fitness drinks.

What happens if I don’t post for a month?

If you choose not to participate in any posting challenges for at least two consecutive months, the app will automatically remove you from the program. If you decide later that you want to start up again, you will have to reapply on our website.

Shipment Inquiries

Do I need to order my case of product, or can I assume it’s being shipped right after my posts are approved?

Once all of your content is approved, you will need to redeem your case of product directly through the app. 🙂 After this, our team will place your product order!

Can I request a specific flavor for my monthly case of product?

You can request a specific flavor by going to the Rewards portal on Social Ladder, and choosing which flavor you wish to receive! If at the time of order placement this flavor happens to be back ordered, we will send you a different flavor, making sure that it’s not one of your previously listed “least favorite flavors”.

Can I expect to receive tracking information each month?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tracking information each month for your cases of product. If for some reason you believe your product is missing or late, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

I received a case of product with damaged cans. Who can I reach out to regarding this issue?

It’s normal for cans to sometimes get damaged through the shipping process. Please send us a picture of how you received this case of product and our team will be able to further assist.

How do I update my address on Social Ladder?

You can do so by going to “more” next to the challenges in the bottom right corner, then clicking FAQ. From here, you will see “Where can I find important info?”. You’ll be able to update your address after clicking this.

Will my branded CELSIUS swag items arrive at the same time as my monthly CELSIUS product?

The gear items are exclusive to the program, and shipped separately from the CELSIUS product. We appreciate your patience as our fulfillment team prepares these orders for shipment.

Additional Resources

Where can I follow CELSIUS on social?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok all @celsiusofficial 😊

Where can I find the product lines?

Please click the feed tab “CHECK OUT ALL OUR FLAVORS” to find all CELSIUS product lines. Our product lines include CELSIUS Originals, CELSIUS HEAT, CELSIUS BCAA, CELSIUS Sweetened with Stevia, and CELSIUS On-The-Go Powder Sticks.

Where can I purchase CELSIUS, or find it at a store located near me?

Click the feed tab “FIND CELSIUS NEAR YOU” to see where we’re sold in your area
Check out our Amazon page to buy us online!

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please message us directly through the Social Ladder app or email [email protected] with any questions!