Losing weight is one of the major concerns faced by the larger chunk of the population today. Some people want to lose weight because they think that they are overweight, some want to lose it to fit into better clothes while some want to lose it to become healthier. The process of shedding out the extra kilos can be a little daunting but not if you know what exactly to eat and what to not.

Some foods which one can try eating in order to burn the excess fat include green tea, whole wheat bread, salmon, broccoli, lean chicken, berries, garlic and onions, oranges, yogurt and brown rice. But on the other hand, some foods that one must avoid having in order to lose weight are ice cream, pies, breads and pastas, fried food and alcohol.

One must also keep in mind the fact that the total amount of calories which are recommended for intake on a daily basis is 2000 so if you are consuming more calories than that, you sure are in for gaining the unwanted pounds. Make it a point to walk for at least 45 minutes every day and drink a lot of water throughout the day if you wish to be fit and lose weight.


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Diet & Calorie Count Statistics Infographic by Calories Counter

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