I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product!  I have been drinking Celsius for over 2 years. I am 35 years old with 2 kids bowl professionally and travel part-time nationally. I am in the best shape of my life. A lot of that is due to your product. Check out his bowling!

I train clients as well as a part time job and am currently studying to become a certified fitness trainer/sports nutritionist through the ACE (American Council of Exercise) program. I have gotten my clients into drinking your product. They love the variety of different flavors and most importantly they see results. Please continue on making this wonderful product and I will send you pictures to show you how great Celsius works for me.
I drink my first can of Celsius around 11am. I eat 4000-5000 of healthy calories a day and with all those calories you can get sleepy.  Celsius picks me up and continues to provide me with a positive day until I drink my second and last can of Celsius which is around 5pm. I start my hour to hour in a half workout at 5:30 pm and again Celsius does not fail me ever.

I provide eating schedules for my friends/clients and with that it is mostly portion control for their food. My friends/clients eat their mid-morning meal and drink a can of Celsius around 10am and have another can about 30 minutes prior to their workout regardless of the time their workout is. My friends/clients love the fact that there is no "crashing affect" when Celsius leaves their body.  My friends/clients have lost an average of 4-8 pounds per month with Celsius and portion control of their food intake. My friends/clients range from house wives to "hard core biker guys" to college kids. YOUR PRODUCT IS AMAZING!



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