Move It to Lose It Week 4 Recipe & Workout Tips


Move It to Lose It: Week 4 Recipe & Workout Tips

Have you ever tracked the calories you take in on a daily basis? There are some great online tools and apps to help you do that and I give a few of those resources in the FREE Move It to Lose It eBook. Some of us take in more than our bodies require, causing weight gain. Others take in too few calories and this can slow down our metabolism making weight loss very difficult. If you are trying to lose some of that extra body fat you have been accumulating over the past few years, one of the best ways to begin your fat loss journey is by tracking your caloric intake. Losing weight and body fat is a numbers game: calories in vs. calories out. When you know how many calories you are taking in, try reducing your usual daily intake by about 300 calories for a steady and healthy amount of weight loss. 


Have you been taking in too many or too few calories?

We know that consuming too many calories will cause weight gain.  But, before I understood the science behind calories and metabolism, I was taking in too few calories each day. I remained thin, but could not gain any tone or definition in my muscles because I was not giving myself the proper nutrition. As soon as I adjusted my diet, I shed a few pounds of fat and gained some lean muscle mass. Eventually, the calorie deficit could have stalled my metabolism and actually caused me to gain weight.  This is especially true as we age and often explains why people have more trouble losing weight after 40. We like to encourage people to drink Celsius to increase metabolic rate. With this in mind, it is also a good idea to not eat all of your daily calorie requirements in one sitting. Try to space it out in 5-6 small meals each day.


Try This Week's Recipe & Lower Body Workout!

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe
Lower Body Combo Workout











By eating the right amount of nutrient-dense healthy calories, you can give your body the fuel it needs to function well and support a healthy metabolism. We feature healthy recipes in the Food for Life section of the Live Healthy Community and we are always eager to hear your favorite healthy recipes as well. Our latest featured recipe is this delicious chicken salad that I think you will enjoy for lunch.  


Exercise that builds muscle and keeps your body working like a fat burning machine is also key to a healthy metabolism and achievement of your fitness goals.  I have also provided the link to a lower body combo workout that will kick up your metabolic burn. 

You can connect with Celius and with me on social media and be sure to use the hash tag #MoveItToLoseIt on Twitter and Instagram. Your ideas or questions may be featured in next week’s post! 





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