Wrestling Champ, Troy's Celsius Testimonial "I originally found Celsius on a trip to a friend's house when I stopped at a gas station.  I had heard people talking about it, but I had never tried it before, so I grabbed a couple of flavors and hit the road. After the first sip, I was instantly hooked. Moving forward, I began implementing Celsius into my cardio routine to get in a more assertive wrestling shape.

In the past, I went through that phase of the ridiculous diets, crazy amounts of cardio- the same rookie mistakes everyone makes at one point.  You see results, but then there's something missing or you look "off", but Celsius has really helped me find that balance.  As a professional wrestler, you always want to keep size and try to get bigger, but you also have to teach your body (as you put on mass) how to move your body weight around without becoming absolutely useless in the wrestling ring.

I love the fact that Celsius is incredibly versatile.  You can drink it for pre-workout, post workout, replace it with an existing drink, or just drink it because you enjoy the taste.  Not many, if any, other drinks have those traits.

I drink Celsius whenever I see it, and that's not an exaggeration.  It's been a great substitute for sugary drinks and soda. It may be a little more expensive, but it's a much healthier alternative. Since drinking Celsius, I've noticed a lot of difference in my body and my performance.  My usual run of three miles a week has now gone up to five or six miles, and I still feel like I could run more without giving up. Since Celsius provides me with clean lasting energy for my training, then I'll spend the extra dollar and change for this product. You can't put a price on being an athlete.

Celsius has been helping me stay in good shape for years now. Sometimes I go out of my way to find a location that carries Celsius when other retailers have run out. Anyone who knows me typically will see me with a Sparkling Cola or Sparkling Orange in my hand.  I can't get enough of those two flavors.  I also enjoy the Outrageous Orange on-the-go sticks, especially when mixing it with a vanilla protein shake- it's like a healthy dreamsicle.

Celsius is a product I stand behind 100%- it has changed everything for the better!"- Derek Cornell

Contest History:
Former Heavyweight Champion
Former Multi-time Tag Team Champion

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