Are you excited about the #CELSIUSLiveFit life? Team up with your #CELSIUSProvenFriends to stay motivated! This month, we are featuring our friend, Casey Simmons, a fitness guru and certified personal trainer. She will be posting fitness tips and workouts to our Instagram and Facebook pages for the next several weeks, so be sure to follow along. To kick things off — here is Casey’s first #CELSIUSProvenFriends workout — for you to get motivated, get fit, and have fun!

Exercise 1: Partner A wall sits while balancing on a bosu ball and pulsing knees in/out against a band’s resistance until partner B completes 20 alternating dumbbell back rows.  Repeat until each partner performs both exercises three times.

Exercise 2: Bridges on bosu ball with resistance strap around  wide knees (legs in shape of a diamond) – 15 repetitions

Exercise 3: Single leg lunge with one heavy weight in hand (same side hand of reversed leg is holding weight) – 10 repetitions each leg.

Exercise 4: 2 medium weights in hands, 3 leg taps = 1 repetition. 10 repetitions each leg.

Perform each exercise three times! Are you ready? Let’s go!