Mile 1260: Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus – Day 26 Recap

After a couple of days to rest and attend Houston’s Inaugural Walk for Hydrocephalus  in the Woodlands, Texas, we are on the road again. Today, we are headed west to Hempstead, Texas and it has been an extremely hard and rainy bike ride. The rain in our faces has been almost constant and the wind is against us. Mary says this has been her least favorite day of our cycling journey  hands-down since we left Florida almost a month ago.


For the most part, the roads here in Texas have been long and flat. We can see for miles in every direction which, if it wasn’t so rainy and windy, would be beautiful. At one point, our ride started to get hilly. Between the stiffness from taking a three-day rest and being worn down from the rain and wind in our faces, we simply could not get enough speed going to carry us up next hill.

The rain and wind has also created a bone chilling cold that’s quite an extreme change from the hot, humid days we’ve had so far. Being Floridians, we’re much more accustomed to the heat. As we turn north toward Colorado, we may be soon seeing the end of our shorts and t-shirt days on this ride. Although we weren't even thirsty on this ride, we had to take a break for Celsius for the energy boost and help with endurance . To keep going today, we needed all the help we could get and we were, again, very thankful to have our Celsius.

We covered 47 miles today, which was quite an accomplishment in the constant drizzle and wind cutting right through us. We got this neat picture of a windmill that seemed to enjoy the wind much more than we did. But we put our heads down, kept riding, and didn’t stop for any interesting spots today. We were just happy to get to the little town of Hempstead to get dried out and warmed up.

It wasn’t an easy or fun ride today but, fueled by Celsius and inspired by the great volunteers, walkers, and families we met over the weekend, a little wind and rain wasn’t enough to slow us down (much). There are wonderful volunteers planning walk events  to benefit the Hydrocephalus Association going on all over the country right now. If you have participated in a walk, or you will be walking in an upcoming event, we’d love to hear about it. If you do not have plans to be part of a local event, please consider supporting our bike ride  as all our donations go directly to the Hydrocephalus Association to support research, advocacy, and support programs – and Celsius will match the first $3,000 that we raise. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter @MarkandMaryRide  to cheer us on too. Our supporters are a huge encouragement to us when this bike ride gets tough.

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