Celebrity trainer, Mike Saffaie, is always skeptical when being introduced to new fitness and wellness products. So when his client, International Recording Artist, Flo Rida, introduced him to Celsius, Mike decided to put the product to the test! Learn more about Mike below and find out why he is now recommending Celsius Flo Fusion above any other fitness drink on the market!

Q & A with Mike Saffaie

As a celebrity trainer, you must have been introduced to hundreds of fitness supplements. What has made you skeptical of these products?

Over the years, I have been exposed to many contradicting philosophies. So I am always skeptical and do my research in order to find out what will work the best for my body and my clients. To this day, I have only tried a few supplements. The reason is because many companies do not study the effects of their products and make false claims. I will never consume or promote anything I do not believe in. So I only consider products that are backed by science and proven to work.

Well we are happy to hear that Flo Fusion passed your “test” and that you continue to use it! As a fitness professional, why do you like and recommend it?

I like how effective it is – Flo Fusion has helped me in the gym by allowing me to train harder and longer than any other product I have tried! The multiple clinical studies conducted on the product back up the claims and separates Flo Fusion from the others- Celsius actually studied the effects of their products rather than just making claims. I also like the fact that it is guilt free and tastes great! This is a product that I am excited to share with my clients since I drink it myself.

That is great! So when did you first learn about Celsius?Flo Rida Flo Fusion Trainer Mike Saffaie

I first learned about the product from Mr. Flo Rida himself! And of course the first thing I did when he told me about it was check the ingredients. I do a lot of research on ALL the products I put in my body. So once I “approved” the ingredients, I figured I would try it out. Once I tried it, I felt energized and had an amazing gym session! It is literally the best pre-workout I have experienced and I cannot stop recommending it to others!

You have a ton of experience motivating and inspiring others. What has helped you to personally stay on track while making sure others stay motivated?

My continued motivation has really been from the support of my family, friends and those who look to me for health advice. I hold myself responsible and accountable as a health and fitness educator to assist those that seek help. I do not “clock out” when I’m done with work. It is like I’m on the clock at all times either for myself or even the random person at a restaurant that asks me for nutrition advice. It feels really good to be appreciated by others when you have helped them in a small way or even help them change their lifestyle completely. Everything adds up!

It is great that you can inspire others to get and stay fit. But we want to know a little bit more about how you got into fitness.

Growing up, I was inspired by the athletic lifestyle and philosophies of my father. I was always encouraged to push my physical abilities past my mental limits. To be honest, I have been into fitness and “in-shape” for most of my life- I truly enjoy it!

To stay in such great shape year round, you must have an exciting training and nutrition plan. So tell us- how does a trainer train and what type of nutrition plan do you follow?

Dynamic and functional training are the key ingredients in my approach to fitness. I apply this to both myself and my clients. I am inspired by the functional elements required for sports such as surfing, boxing, martial arts, and calisthenics. I believe that challenging your body in ways that translate to real life situations maximize your body’s potential to perform at its all-around best! Because of my passion for fitness and teaching, I actually developed a group fitness class based off of these beliefs. The class is called “You vs. You”, and it applies functional training exercises with motivational coaching. The class challenges the body and mind of each individual so that they meet their own maximum potential in each class.

When it comes to my own training, my schedule for the week looks a bit like this:

• Mon-Fri: Jiu-Jitsu in the morning, followed by weight training in the evening
• Saturday: Calisthenics
• Sunday: Heart rate specific training

As for my diet, I have figured out what works the best for my body through trial and error. Currently my diet is a mix based on the Glycemic Index Diet combined with the Mediterranean Diet.

Wow that sounds intense! Outside of training in the gym, let us know a little bit more about yourself and some of your personal accomplishments.

My life revolves around health and fitness. As my approach to healthy living has evolved, so have my goals. Some of the personal goals I have achieved are:

• Receiving my Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu
• Walking from Manhattan Beach California to Oxnard, California (approx. 70miles) along the coast
• Receiving a utility patent on Grapple Grip (a grip training product)
• Climbing Mount Whitney (14,505ft)
• Winning my International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Pro Card in Men’s Physique
• Co-Creating Flo Fit (a full body fitness program with Flo Rida)

What can you tell others who are looking to make transformations in their lives that will keep them motivated?

I would tell them the same thing I tell all of my clients- Stay realistic and be patient within your approach to changing your life. It took time to get to where you are today and it will take a combination of time and effort to see results.

Mike’s Fun Facts

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Hobbies/ Passions: Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Weight Training, Calisthenics, Surfing, International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Men’s Physique Pro, Co-creator of Flo Fit a Full Body Fitness Program
Favorite Food: Mediterranean Food, Mexican Food, Hamburgers
Guilty Pleasures: Chips and Salsa
Favorite Celsius: Flo Fusion Berry (The best pre-workout I have ever tasted!)
Social Media: Instagram @CaliFitMike
Train with Mike at: www.califitmike.com

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