10 Most Important Steps for Healthy Weight Loss

Tony Little Fitness Trainer

Tony Little has been delivering great motivation and powerful inspiration to help millions become and stay fit. One of the benefits to having Tony serve as Celsius’ Fitness Ambassador is the opportunity to pick his brain for fitness and healthy weight loss tips. We are happy to share his wealth of wisdom with you in these ten important steps to remember:

    1. Exercise: Cardio exercise at least 20-30 minutes 3 times a week and resistance with weights or machines 2-3 times a week using mostly large muscle groups to increase your metabolism.
    2. When eating out, have your food cooked the right way! You are paying. Limit condiments on food and you will actually begin to notice the quality of food.
    3. Portion sizes of everything should be the size of your fist. Protein can be more if you are exercising at a high intensity.
    4. Eat 4-6 small meals a day. You can use a high protein shake or bar for 1-2 of the meals.
    5. Try to keep your daily food intake at 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate, 20% fat. This percentage should make up your meals in foods that you normally eat.
    6. Water, Water, WATER. Drink lots of water daily. Drink it before a meal to help get you full more quickly. Proper hydration is crucial to weight loss. Drink 6-8 16oz glasses a day.
    7. Eat high fiber foods or add fiber to your diet.
    8. When eating carbs, eat them with proteins and keep portion size small.
    9. Minimize consumption of high glycemic carbohydrates (carbs that make your blood sugar spike) such as sugar, white rice, soda and sugared drinks pastas and white potatoes. High fiber cereals are ok. Use a low glycemic list for good body choices.
    10. Choose lean protein choices such as eggs, egg substitutes, lean beef, turkey, bison, fish, or tofu (great for vegetarians!)



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Weight loss tips and advice can be so confusing. Everyone has an opinion from your aunt who’s yo-yo-dieted for years to every other commercial on television. Trust Tony Little, a legendary fitness expert who has inspired millions and seen unhealthy diet fads come and go. Follow these ten tips and enjoy safe, healthy weight loss the right way.


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