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Ever find yourself setting weight loss goals that suddenly get derailed because of someone or something getting in the way? In most cases, we are very good at making excuses for ourselves and blaming others as a way to feel better. But — what good does that do when you know you are giving in and giving others the control over your weight loss?

Here are some classic examples of weight loss excuses that have simple solutions. Notice the blame is being put on everyone except the individual who is trying to lose weight.

Excuse: My boss keeps piling on paperwork – I am so stressed!

Solution: Many people use food as a coping mechanism. If hunger is not the problem, then food is NOT the solution. If your workload is increasing, try to manage your time more effectively. Having an organized work environment will help keep your stress levels low. Be sure to have healthy snack options around and use your lunch break to go on a quick power walk to boost your metabolism and energize you through the day.

shutterstock_107698130Excuse: My coworker keeps bringing doughnuts to the office.

Solution: Is that coworker force feeding you doughnuts? No! Just because food is free, does not mean you have to eat it. Most office employees have sedentary jobs, so snacking on sweets that everyone brings in (especially around the holidays) will not do your weight loss efforts any favors. Doughnuts and coffee are your favorite? Why not go a healthier route with a sugar free, fat-burning Celsius and a small handful of nuts? This option will keep you energized for hours rather than experiencing the dreaded sugar crash. Drinking a refreshing Celsius will also help you burn calories and leave you feeling guilt free!

Excuse: I cannot work out because my kids are involved in after-school activities.

Solution: If your workdays and evenings are already booked, using the wee morning hours when your children are sleeping is a perfect way to get some training in. At this hour you can train from the comfort of your own home or head to a local gym. Even 30 minutes of training is better than nothing. So quit the excuses and find other times of the day that will help you reach your desired goals.

Excuse: My partner keeps buying junk food.

Solution: While the “out of sight out of mind” mentality can work for many, it is not a maintainable reality. Just because you want to change does not mean your partner should be forced to do the same. Set up your own area of the refrigerator or pantry with food items you are trying to eat as part of your weight loss plan. This will keep you out of their shelves where all of the temptation may be as you focus on sticking to your goals.

Excuse: My friends pressure me into going out for dinner and drinks.

Solution: Going out to eat or for a night out will not sabotage all of your efforts, unless you go overboard. I recommend ordering something light, such as chicken and rice with a side of vegetables or some type of salad topped with a lean protein (dressing on the side). Limit yourself to 1-2 alcoholic drinks for the duration of the evening. Alcoholic drinks contain hundreds of calories and carbs/sugars. Those types of drinks are a surefire way to undo your hard work. Once you’ve hit your drink limit switch to something like carbonated water with lemon for the rest of the night. You shouldn’t need to have a calorie-rich “buzz” going on to have a good time.

So – do any of these excuses sound familiar? We have all been there and occasionally placed blame on others. Nothing to worry about. Now is the time to take those simple solution steps above and implement them into your daily life. By taking control of your surroundings, and having healthier alternatives, you will be more likely to reach your long-term weight loss goals.

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