Mile 983  Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 18 -19 Recap

Our weekend bike ride was uneventful if you discount another flat tire and the fact that cycling conditions were hot with not a cloud in the sky. We veered off course a little and we are now sticking to the back roads as much as possible. Cycling road conditions have not improved much but we are making the best of it.


Mary and I are now both sporting a Mr. Tuffy lining on each of our front tires. We still have two for the back tires but  I am waiting until we encounter a flat to add them. Fixa flat time seems to have become part of our daily ritual. I wish I had known about Gatorskins before we started this adventure.

Despite the difficult road conditions and hot weather,  we are seeing seeing parts of America you just cannot see when flying by in a car. We are 2 days ahead of schedule. The temperature hit 98 degrees today so we were pretty miserable. Without Celsius energy drink and a lot of water, we could not have pressed on today. It was too hot to eat. We stopped a couple of times to rest, have a light snack, and refuel with Celsius. We packed a good supply of the On the Go Outrageous Orange Celsius powder. It has helped keep our energy levels up on some long, difficult rides, but it is definitely what got us through the ride today.

There is a Hydrocephalus Walk next Saturday, the 29th, in The Woodlands just north of Houston. Despite the cycling conditions, we are detouring a little to the south to catch the event but the friends-of–a-friend we hoped to stay with are out of town and the timing may not work out. If you know of any cyclists in the area that would be willing to host us for a couple of days, like our Warm Showers friend did in Seaside, Florida, let us know quickly. If we can make other arrangements, depending on the cycling conditions and the progress we make this week, we may still be able to detour to be there on Saturday. We hope to work out the details to join this  but there are many Hydrocephalus Walks happening all over the country over the next several weeks. If you’re able to attend an event in your local area, please make plans to do so.

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