Actor, Model, Fitness Competitor, Wardell RichardsonActor, model and fitness competitor, Wardell Richardson, uses Celsius as his pre workout drink of choice. Maintaining a well conditioned physique is important to Wardell as a performer. You can read Wardell's testimonial below.

I first found out about Celsius through one of my friends. In the past, haven’t tried too many supplements or pre workout drinks. I mostly eat a well balanced diet and drink water. However, my friend really believed in Celsius and was dedicated to the brand, so I wanted to try Celsius and see what it is all about. Now I drink Celsius in the morning before training and in the evening before my run as my pre workout beverage. Celsius has definitely given me energy and I feel that I am having a quicker response to losing fat and gaining muscle.  I also like Celsius’ ability to be a pre workout drink that burns calories and provides you with lasting energy at the same time.  Currently, I try to maintain my physique by watching what I eat, doing cardio and weight lifting. Sometimes I do group fitness classes to switch things up.  Celsius is helping me to look better and feel better! My favorite flavors of Celsius for my pre workout drink are Sparkling Orange and Sparkling Wild Berry. I always look forward to my next drink!- Wardell R.

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