Upper Body resistance band workout for beginners and advanced

This upper body resistance band workout is perfect when you are short on time and can’t make it to the gym. It is also one of my favorites for traveling. All you need is a resistance band and you’re ALL set!

If you aren’t familiar, resistance bands come in different levels ranging from light to heavy. They weigh about 1 pound but add TONS of added resistance which is why I love traveling with them. I suggest getting a light and medium resistance band if you’re just starting out. This way you can adjust levels depending on how the workout is progressing.

With this upper body resistance band workout you will get a total upper body blast in just 30 minutes! Routine and movement breakdown are listed below- Happy Lifting!

The Routine

5 Rounds Total

20 Repetitions Per Move

Rest 10 Seconds Between Moves

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

PUSH Yourself!

Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

Arm Bicep Curl

Standing Overhead Press

Side Lateral Raise

Bent-Over Lateral Raise

Over Head Tricep Extension


Movement Breakdown

Bicep Curl– Stand on the middle of the resistance tube with feet together. Begin with arms down by your sides, gripping the handles with palms facing forward. Keep elbows tucked in at your sides and bring forearms up to nearly touch your shoulders. Then drop back down to starting position and try to keep tension on your bicep. Get in a wider stance on the resistance band to make this move more difficult.

Standing Overhead Press– Stand on the middle of the resistance tube with feet touching. Hold handles in each hand and bring arms up so that your palms are facing forward and level with your ears. This is the starting position. Push handles up so that they almost touch overhead and then lower back down to starting position.

Side Lateral Raise– Begin by standing on the resistance tube with feet touching. Grasp handles in each hand with palms resting on the outside of thighs. Keep arms straight and raise them out to each side until your arms are parallel with the ground. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Slowly lower back down and keep tension on the bands.

Bent-Over Lateral Raise– Stand on the middle of the resistance tube with feet touching. Grasp each handle with palms facing inward. Lower upper body until nearly parallel with the ground. Extend arms out to the side to add tension to the bands and then slowly lift and lower the bands. Get in a wide stance to tighten the band and add tension if needed.

Overhead Tricep Extension– Stand with both feet on the resistance tube and grasp both handles. Bring the handles up and overhead with palms facing each other. This is the start position. Keep elbows close to your head and lower hands until your forearm is parallel with the ground. Then push hands back up and flex tricep muscle at the top, squeezing for 3 seconds.

X-Row– Stand in a wide stance on top of the resistance band. Cross the handles in front of you so the bands make an X shape. Stand up tall with palms resting on your thighs. Then pull handles up towards your shoulders, hold for 2 seconds at the top and lower back down to starting position.

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