The treadmill is one of the most common pieces of equipment that you will find in the gym. At times I feel like it can also be one of the most underutilized. Many people hit the quick start button and adjust the speed as they see fit, but they forget about the wonderful option to increase the incline. Many simply avoid this option because increasing the incline on the machine will instantly make your workout harder, but who doesn't like a good challenge? Now- I am not saying to sprint at the highest incline, but to get an effective and intense workout you have to switch up the levels of intensity and put in the work!

Below you will find a beginner, intermediate and an advanced Treadmill Incline Workout. What is even better is that the workout from start to finish will only take 20 minutes. No more hour long walks on the treadmill trying to break a sweat. This workout will get your heart pumping and you will be sweating bullets in no time!

Workout Tips

Let go of the side rails– The side rails should only be used when needed but not as a crutch. If you feel it necessary to use the side rail then slow down the speed until you can complete the workout without holding on. You are trying to work you lower body not the upper body with this workout. Get your arms pumping and get to work. By not holding on you will focus on using your legs to really power you up the incline. This will help in sculpting the glutes as well as your hamstrings.

Too easy or too tough– If the program is too easy, then try the intermediate of advanced workout. You may find that as you go up in intensity, you cannot complete the whole workout as prescribed. At that point, drop down the intensity and when you feel like you have caught your breath and can continue, increase the speed again and try to do the best you can. You will only get better and stronger if you push yourself. If you are not exerting yourself do not expect to see rapid changes.

Soft knees- Each step should not sound like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Be kind to your knees and try to land softly.

Breathing– Sometime people focus on their breathing too much and it distracts them from enjoying the workout. Just breathe as you would naturally and try not to tense up your body.

Relax– Keep your arms slightly bent and pumping by your sides. Keeping them down or too high will make the routine awkward and uncomfortable. Allow your body to move freely rather than being stiff and clunky with each step.

If you are beginning or an experienced marathoner, find the level that works for you to be able to complete the routine but is challenging you at the same time. In order to see progress, you have to get uncomfortable with your training.

After completing the workout, please leave a comment about how it was below. Also leave a comment about other types of cardio machine workouts you would like to see. I promise that they will be fun and interesting rather than long, drawn out and boring!

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