When it comes to working out, many enjoy solitude and simply want to blast music on their headphones. On the other hand, there are others who would not be caught dead working out alone. As long as you are happy and getting in a good workout then it does not matter who you train with, but if you need a bit of a change, read some of the points below as training solo or with a partner and you decide.

Reasons to Train Solo:

-Work at your own pace.
-Stay focused on your goal.
-Do not have to worry on others arriving on time or the pressure of making it on time if you happen to be running late.
-Stay as long or as little as needed.
-Don’t have to worry about “entertaining” someone by talking or gossiping to pass the time.
-Blast as much music as you would like.

Reasons to Train with a Partner:

-Someone to give you extra motivation.
-Can push and encourage each other.
-Have someone to hold you accountable.
-Someone to spot you when using heavier weight.

I personally enjoy training by myself so that I do not have to wait around for others and can go at my own pace. When I need a spotter, I simply ask someone who is working out near me to help me out during their rest period. I have never had anyone refuse; most people love to help others out.

How To Pick The Right Partner

working out with a partner or aloneIf you choose to train with a partner, make sure that your gym partner is just as focused and dedicated as you are. As training partners, you should be able to push each other to get better and stronger, not be chit-chat buddies at the water cooler. With all of your workouts, keeping your intensity levels high is crucial. Talking in between sets and catching up on the latest gossip is only going to serve as a distraction from your goals, your heart rate drops and you may lose focus. If the only way to avoid this is training alone then so be it!

Training should be your time to release daily tension, boost your health and improve your physique. If you feel like your training partner is always late, making excuses and not adding anything to your workout, then it may be time to ditch them and train solo. You can also find a happy medium and pick a few days a week where you have training dates set and the other days you train alone. This may help you get the most out of your workouts. Sometimes it is good to have a bit of a change and having someone with you may make you work even harder. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, try to pick a training partner who is reliable and is also goal oriented. If you are an advanced gym goer, try to choose a training partner who is at your level of physical fitness or maybe a bit more advanced. This will ensure that you can push each other and you may be able to learn a thing or two from them and their training style. You want to make sure you’re your training partner does not give you the chance to slack off and work at a beginner level- that would defeat the whole purpose.

If you are advanced and are looking to help someone get started, pick a separate time from your training schedule to show them the ropes and help out. We ALL started somewhere with very little knowledge of the weight room, which can be a very scary place to some. So be kind, give back and always try to lend a helping hand to those who ask for it. Be sure to help others who may not be as comfortable and confident in the gym as you are so that you can help improve their life too!

How do you train in the gym- solo or with a buddy? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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