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Are you intimidated by all the equipment when you walk into the gym? With all of the equipment and machines that fitness clubs are now offering, it can often get overwhelming and seem like a daunting task just to navigate your way through the gym floor. Instead of wandering in circles or waiting in line for the leg extension machine to open up, why not just use one piece of equipment that can work your whole body?

Below I have listed a total body workout that only requires a bar! 

In the weight room area, you will find several long weighted bars. Pick a light weight that you can move with control and ease. You can also use a pair of light dumbbells and do these exercises at home. It will seem easy at first but by the final round you will feel the burn! This workout should be performed at a fast pace. If you feel like the bar or dumbbells are too heavy toward the end, grab the lightest pair of dumbbells and use them as a substitute.

Standing Bicep Curl

Targets- Bicep
Repetitions- 4 sets of 15

Stand with your feet directly underneath you. Hips pushed forward, with your butt tucked under and shoulders rolled back. Hold the bar in an underhand grip (palms facing up). Arms should be resting on side of your body. Bring bar up towards your chest and then release it all the way down to starting position. Try not to swing the bar up and use momentum. Allow your bicep to do all the work for you.



Standing Overhead Press

Targets- Shoulders
Repetitions- 4 sets of 15

Start with feet directly underneath you. Hold the bar at your thighs with an overhand grip. Bend elbows and bring bar up to your chest. This is your starting position. Now bring the bar up overhead and fully extend your arms. Do not jump to get the bar up. Keep feet planted on the ground and butt tucked underneath you. Slowly lower back down to the starting position at your chest.



Straight Leg Dead Lift

Targets- Glutes and Hamstrings
Repetitions- 4 sets of 20

Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding the bar with an overhand grip. Slowly lower the bar down toward the ground while keeping your back straight and looking forward. Push back into your heels and imagine that you are trying to touch the wall behind you with your glutes. You do not need to go all the way down to the floor. Make sure that you feel the stretch in your hamstrings and then stand up straight to the starting position and tighten up your glutes for one second and release. This movement is slow and controlled. Be sure all the weight is in your heels.


Standing Row

Targets- Deltoids
Repetitions 4 sets of 12

Stand with feet planted under your shoulders while gripping the bar with an overhand grip. Let the bar rest on your thighs and lift towards your chest. Imagine you are using a paint roller and trying to cover the front of your body with paint. Squeeze shoulders together at the top and slowly lower to the ground.




















I hope that you find all of these moves helpful. Next time you are in the gym, find a quiet corner and perform this total body workout without having to wait around for equipment or feel uncomfortable on the machines. Be on the lookout for some new workouts and tips next week.

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