Tony Little Generates Lasting Energy with CelsiusWe’re all pretty energized here at Celsius headquarters but it’s not from drinking the inventory. At least not today…We’ve partnered with worldwide fitness icon Tony Little to spread the word about our breakthrough fitness beverage.  We’re proud to announce that Tony has joined the Celsius family as our official Fitness Ambassador.

A prominent voice in the fitness industry for more than two decades Tony has encouraged over 45 million people in over 80 countries to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2006 Tony’s reputation and voice is trusted within the fitness and wellness industry and his infectious passion and energy make him an ideal partner for Celsius.

Tony stated “I love the idea that Celsius is a drink that provides you a healthy energy while burning calories. I drink Celsius before my workouts and can truly feel the benefits” says Tony Little. “As I used Celsius it became clear that this was a product that I wanted to recommend and a company that I wanted to be a part of. I signed on as a spokesperson and a partner not only because I actually drink Celsius but because I truly believe in the benefits of the product.”

Tony Little Lasting Energy Press ReleaseIn the coming weeks and months you’ll be hearing a lot more about Tony Little’s exciting mission to share the lasting energy and unique benefits of Celsius with people worldwide. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest inspirations from Tony. 



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