Indulge, Not Bulge this Thanksgiving, Tips from Angeles Burke

The food you choose at Thanksgiving dinner may not be the real culprit in the holiday bulge. The devil may be in the details – it’s what you pour, spread, and spoon over your food that might cause you problems.

Indulge, Not Bulge by Avoiding Unhealthy Toppings this ThanksgivingGravy! Butter! Marshmallows! Whipped Cream! These are just a few of the delicious toppings that will be tempting you during the holidays. These toppings can pack on the calories in no time. To keep your sodium, fat and caloric intake in-check, try to avoid adding unnecessary sauces and spreads and steer clear of foods that are served covered in sauces and cheese. Selecting morehealthy dishes that are served plain allows you to add your own topping in moderation and remain in control of what goes on the plate.

Indulge Not BulgeYou may be surprised to find that many foods like sweet potatoes, breads, even desserts that you have always eaten with butter, gravy, or other toppings can actually taste better natural. Of course, some dishes are better with added flavor; it is just important to be selective and apply toppings in moderation. I enjoy putting balsamic vinaigrette on my salad and salt-free Mrs. Dash on my turkey as a healthier alternative to heavy dressing and gravy. These taste just as good, and I do not need my stretchy pants to make it through the rest of the day.

What holiday foods have you found to be better natural or with lighter, more healthy toppings? Share your ideas and suggestions below. It will be fun to have new things to try tomorrow!

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