Kate Hudson thermogenic science slimming sipWe noticed a stunning picture of Katie Holmes in the recent edition of First for Women magazine with a snippet mentioning Celsius as “Katie’s slimming sip” and even mentioning some of the thermogenic science behind Celsius’ healthy energy. While paparazzi and magazines often catch super fit busy celebrities like Katie Holmes Sophia Vergara and Mario Lopez  zipping around Hollywood with a can of Celsius we thought the great benefits mentioned in this caption warranted a little elaboration.
First for Women notes the thermogenesis effect of Celsius from the green tea and caffeine in our revolutionary calorie burning beverage . But it’s the unique combination of all the ingredients in our MetaPlus® blend that gives Celsius its strength to be Katie’s “Ultimate Fitness Partner.” But don’t just go by what you read in magazines we have seven independent scientific studies to show that Celsius drinks are clinically proven effective as a fat burning supplement.

This isn’t the first time Katie has been caught enjoying the great taste and amazing backed-by-science benefits of Celsius energy drinks. Her little slimming secret has been exposed in People Magazine The Examiner  and The Daily Mail  as well. This is one celebrity secret we can all enjoy. First for Women mentions that Celsius is available at Vitamin Shoppe. Use our online store locator  to find a Vitamin Shoppe or other retailer near you or order online and to try it for yourself.


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