Tim has reached his goal weight after losing 130 Pounds! He drinks Celsius 4 times a week and continues to exercise to gain lean muscle and tone up. Tim shares his story of his journey.

Tim weighed 315 pounds and was a diabetic, who hadn’t been active during the past 15 years. Finally deciding to make a healthy change in his lifestyle, Tim started a diet and exercise regimen that included lifting free weights every other day and a limited daily caloric intake of 1800 calories. But soon after he started his routine, he hit what he calls a “weight loss plateau.” He realized his current routine wasn’t helping him drop any noticeable amount of weight.

A few months after starting his weight loss routine, Tim noticed an ad in the Sunday newspaper for a calorie-burning pre-exercise drink called Celsius. He decided to add Celsius to his exercise regimen, and just a few months later he had dropped a total of 91 pounds down to 224.

Celsius gave Tim the kick-start his diet and exercise routine was lacking. Fifteen minutes before each workout, Tim drank a Celsius, which made a dramatic change in how quickly he got fit by raising his metabolism and giving him the energy he needed to work out longer. It also helped with burning extra calories during his workout routines and throughout the day.

After experimenting with different diets and exercise routines, Tim finally found the one that worked for him. In addition to drinking a Celsius every day, he eats a healthy diet of lean protein combined with carbs and other essential nutrients. He keeps his weekly calorie intake at about the same level, fluctuating between 1200 to 1800 calories every day, in order to do what he calls “keep his metabolism guessing.” He continues to lift free weights and hit the treadmill daily, while relying on Celsius to keep his metabolism and energy levels charged all day.

Our Celsius caps off to Tim!   You continue to inspire us and we wish you best health as you continue your fitness journey.

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