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“I really really love the taste and the extra energy I get!”

REVIEW: Wednesday Sept 14 2011

My husband and I were very excited to try the Celsius products as one of Craig's friends is a personal trainer and recommended these products. After contacting Celsius about reviewing their products they then sent over several different flavors and varieties for us to try.

We received the Sparkling Wild Berry Sparkling Orange Sparkling Ginger Ale Strawberry Kiwi Apple Orchard Blend Peach Mango Green Tea Raspberry Acai Green Tea and Lemon Iced Tea all in cans.

We then received 7 Berry Flavor packets and 2 of the Calypso Punch shots.

First I will tell you that these actually taste good. That is a huge plus or minus when actually using a product to help you lose weight and get in better shape. If something doesn't taste good then you probably are not likely to continue to use it. We both have our favorites – I really really like the Calypso Punch Shots and the Kiwi Strawberry in the can. Craig loves the Berry packets because he can just take them with him on the go and he also loves the taste of the Sparkling Orange in the can!

The next thing is could we really tell a difference – the answer is YES! We both felt more energy after drinking these! We really felt good when exercising and hey I will take ALL of the extra energy I can get with chasing after 2 ornery boys all day!! (They do contain caffeine so they are not intended for those who are caffeine sensitive those who are under 12 or women who are pregnant for nursing!)

And last but not least I really think you would love these and should try them if your looking for a better workout more energy and more calories burned! You will be glad to know that they offer the Celsius Promise – 100% Guaranteed. That's right they want you to feel the benefits of Celsius and be completely satisfied with your purchase and if you’re not then you get your money back! How great is that!! Try them for yourself and see what you think – you have nothing to lose! I love a win – win situation!!

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