These beautiful figure competitors recently wrote to share their story of how they've come to rely on the lasting energy from Celsius to help them manage the demands of training plus being busy moms…

"We are Tiffany and Heather, the Figure Twins…mommies of a combined 9 kiddos! I have 3 children and Heather has 6! We both compete in figure competitions. I have already won my pro card and Heather is training for her pro win/card! As busy working mothers and athletes, we became addicted to our afternoon coffee when we would reach the afternoon slump!

One day, we stumbled upon CELSIUS…I drank one flavor and Heather drank another and then we tried each other's Celsius drinks .Amazed at the great taste of both of them, we were both equally amazed by the natural "pick-me-up" we achieved from Celsius! This was super exciting! Better than coffee!

Now, we both routinely drink our afternoon Celsius for a great tasting pick me up in the afternoon. The wonderful thing about Celsius is that we are both contest prepping to compete at an NGA pro-am in May 2013 and we can still safely continue our daily indulgence of Celsius not only in the afternoon, but also in the morning!

"Thank you, Celsius! From the figure twins…Tiffany and Heather."

And thank you for sharing your story with us, Tiffany and Heather! 

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