The Down2Earth Trail Run Series events consist of a 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.  It’s a great single & double track off-road running experience with the park terrain offering challenges such as rolling hills, high climbs, numerous tree roots, gravel and concrete. This fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping event is soon to come to an end for 2012, and December’s event is supposed to draw in the largest number of participants of the year. The Celsius tent was set up right next to the registration table as well as the start/finish line and many people that drank a can before the event came back to tell us how they did better then previous attempts.

This gentleman came in 1st place in the half marathon minutes before the other competitors in this category.  He sampled every flavor & loved them all and was surprised that something so good for you could also taste great too.  














This college student & regular runner was very excited to learn about Celsius.  She stated that she liked it because not only did it taste great but it’s something that can help keep her alert while she’s studying & it also give her extra endurance during her afternoon runs.
















These gentleman happened to be riding the trails in the park & stumbled upon the event.  They all agreed that out of all the flavored beverages there Celsius tasted the best.


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