The Arnold Sports Festival 2013


Each year, Team Celsius attends several sports and fitness events to meet Celsius fans and to introduce our healthy energy drink alternative to new people. Every event is exciting but attending "The Arnold" last weekend was a special treat. This year, 2013, marks the 25th anniversary of the Arnold Sports Festival. Each year the Arnold is held in Columbus, Ohio during the first weekend of March. Competitors, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and fans from all over the world flock to Columbus to experience this exciting event. The wide variety of competitions includes gymnastics, dance, martial arts, fencing, body building, grappling, table tennis and more. The Arnold Sports Festival promises "the largest multi-sport event in the nation and the greatest sports-fitness experience of your life!" With more than 18,000 athletes competing in more than 45 sports & events, including 12 Olympic sports, and more than 175,000 attendees on hand to experience the excitement, the festival delivers!


On February 28th, Team Celsius members, Chris Riccio, Dita Fraser, and Angeles Burke made their way to Columbus for the event. The expo opened up first thing on Friday, March 1st, and ended late Sunday afternoon. Upon walking in to the Columbus Convention center, there was already a line of hundreds of people who were waiting in hopes of catching a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. As soon as the expo doors opened, the crowds rushed into the expo hall to learn about all the new supplements and gadgets that the fitness industry has to offer.


At the booth, Team Celsius educated the attendees about the benefits and great taste of Celsius. More than 7, 000 samples of Celsius were poured and enjoyed over the Arnold Sports Festival weekend at the Celsius booth alone! Celsius also partnered up with Lone Star Distribution and The Vitamin Shoppe who also sampled Celsius at their booth locations as well.


Dexter Jackson wins the 2013 Arnold Classic

With another Arnold expo in the books, Team Celsius is recharging their batteries and looking forward to the next big event on the agenda…the Olympia! Thank you to all of the loyal Celsius fans who stopped by and said “hey” at the booth. We love to hear your stories about how Celsius has positively impacted your life.


Congratulations to fitness greats Dexter Jackson and India Paulino on their big wins last weekend and to the thousands of athletes that participated in the various competitions. Just by preparing, training, and making the effort to be the best you can be in your sport is a win to be proud of. Keep up the passion and drive for what you do. Until next year, train hard and we will see you in 2014.

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