Angeles’ weight loss tips were featured in the May 30th issue of Florida Today newspaper. The article titled, “Five Ways to Lose Stubborn Pounds” offers ways to let go of those lingering pounds before summer begins. Angeles lets readers know they should try a pre workout supplement that will provide “lasting energy and endurance,” to “RIP” it in the gym, cut down on salt and sweet treats and drink plenty of water. In case you missed the print article, you can read the full list of quick weight loss tips below.

1. Supplement your Workouts

Before hitting the gym; choose a pre workout supplement that will give you lasting energy and endurance to power through your workout. I drink a Celsius, a negative calorie drink, because it is clinically proven to reduce body fat and boost metabolism. It also tastes great and helps me reach my goals while training. My pre workout supplement of choice can be found at

2. “RIP It” in the Gym

If you go to the gym every day and can’t seem to gain any muscle or shed one pound of body fat. Try to “RIP” it – by resting less in between sets or recovery time, increase intensity of your workout and plan your workout ahead of time. You should not spend half an hour wondering what machines you are going to use, texting or reading a book. Make the most out of each gym session and walk in the door with a plan of attack.

3. Hold the Salt

Sodium makes the body retain fluid, giving you that “fluffy” appearance. Look at the labels of all the food you want to consume and be careful cautious of what you order when eating out. Ask for your dressings to be on the side and you can even request for the chef to not use salt in your dish. Before you go eat that can of low calorie soup, which seems like the healthier option, read the nutrition label and you will be surprised at the sodium content in a single serving!

4. Cut the Sweet Treats

Sugar loaded sweets are a huge setback for any weight loss plan. Try to avoid these treats and eat them only in moderation. The carbohydrate and sugar content of most desserts and candy are way more than you would need in one sitting; therefore it more often than not gets converted into fat. Try a healthier option like a protein shake  or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Most people would think that drinking water would only make you look and feel bloated. At first it might but after a few days, your body will become accustomed to the new water and will actually help to lose weight since your stomach will think that it is constantly  full, in turn naturally suppressing your appetite. Many times when you think that you are hungry, you may actually be dehydrated. So rather than snacking away, try downing a tall glass of water and see if you are still hungry 5 minutes later or if you were just bored. I put a Celsius Outrageous Orange on-the-go stick in my water because it tastes great and gives me lasting energy!

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