Step Mill Scorcher Interval RoutineTired of doing hours upon hours of cardio with little to no results? Try this INTENSE Stepmill workout that will have you breaking a sweat and scorching calories in no time!

This Stepmill workout is a great option when you are short on time but want to get your heart rate elevated and break a nice sweat! This routine is the perfect way to do cardio and shape your lower body all at the same time. The first half of the Stepmill workout focuses on cardiovascular endurance and you will feel your quadriceps doing a lot of the work.

The second half of the Stepmill workout is not as intense cardio wise but focuses on sculpting your legs. For the double steps, you will not alternate legs each step. Instead you will perform 30 double steps on the right leg before switching to the left leg. This will cause your muscles to have to work even harder than if they were alternating every step. Start by stepping up two steps with your right leg and then bringing your left leg up to the same step as the right and repeat 30 times before moving to the left leg. The double steps force you to drive through your heel to climb each step incorporating your glutes and hamstrings even more.

Tip: I bring an interval timer or use my interval timer app on my smart phone to set rounds and intervals for my Stepmill workout. By doing this, you will not have to watch the clock and you can focus on giving it your all during each round. In your low intensity section, try not to hold on to the rails of the step mill. By not holding on to the rails, you will work on your stability and ensure you are not “cheating” your way up during the stepmill workout. Be sure to try this at a slow speed and work your way up.

*** Be sure to adjust the levels to make this fit YOUR fitness level as the Stepmill workout listed below is advanced.***

“Stepmill Scorcher”- Advanced Interval Stepmill Workout

Warm Up 4 Min (Level 4)

8 Rounds

Low Intensity 1 Min (Level 8)

High Intensity 30 Seconds (Level 18)

3 Rounds

30 Double Steps Right Leg (Level 6)

30 Double Steps Left Leg (Level 6)

Cool Down 4 Min (Level 3)

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