Mile 838 Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 16

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day riding the city trails and taking in the sights of New Orleans beyond the French Quarter. Between Cajun dining and New Orleans’ famous mausoleums, we had a pretty good bike ride considering many of the trails are narrow with  a lot of cracks and bumps along the way.


I called Bayou Bicycles when we first arrived to arrange getting our bikes tuned up first thing on Thursday. It was a good thing I called back as they had us scheduled for Friday morning. A little miscommunication but a potential big delay for us as we planned to get our bike ride back on the road early Friday. They told us to be there when the bike shop opened and they would work something out…and they did. In fact, they were great! We were not able to get a full tune up but my new buddies, Brian and Zack, checked over everything and insisted that we get a full tune up soon. Appreciating the importance of taking care of our biking gear more every day, I wholeheartedly agreed. , Zach and I share the same birthday so you can send us each a birthday cake on November 6 if you are interested. They would not take any money, so we went around the corner and came back with a donut payout! We really are meeting some wonderful people on this bike ride.

Once our bikes were deemed ready for the road, we packed up and said good-bye to New Orleans and headed west through Bayou country toward Houma, LA where we planned to spend the night at an RV park.

We took a quick five minute ferry ride across the Mississippi as we continued our back road cycling journey. Our ride was a little too scenic, if you get my meaning. The shoulders on this stretch of road were narrow but, for the most part, drivers were very courteous, making a big swing around us…except for a couple of school buses. They can’t help but hog the road, I suppose.

The bridges were another story and they were scary. We crossed three bridges with little to no shoulder. On one very narrow bridge, we had to walk our bikes on the rim just to stay out of the road for the cars that were passing.

Having learned my lesson on campgrounds closing early, I called ahead. The lady that answered the phone said she would leave the key and directions when we got there. True to her word, she did. But the RV park was not quite what we had in mind. It was more like an RV graveyard. I do not think many of the RV’s had been moved in years. All the way at the back, next to a very mosquito infested creek, was a lonely picnic table and area to pitch our tent. We were not feeling good about this place. The clincher was a long building not far away giving off a strange, constant, loud hum. I took Mary’s advice and we decided this bike ride needed move on.

Our Spirit of America bike ride is about embracing adventure so we were ok with moving on down the road in quest of better digs for the night. Thank you, Best Western.

We got some great pictures during our sightseeing in New Orleans. You can see them on our Spirit of America Pinterest Board. New Orleans was wonderful but we’re excited to have this bike ride on the road again. We’ll keep the pictures, videos, and updates coming. Thanks so much for following our journey, your support and encouragement means so much!

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