Sleep Disorder Relief Foundation

PJ Run for Sleep Disorders

The links between sleep and health even sleep and weightloss have been documented by countless research studies in recent years. If we’re honest most of us would admit that we know we don’t get enough sleep.  For most of us it’s just about living busy lives with overbooked calendars most day. But an estimated 70 million Americans now have a sleeping disorder that actually prevents them from getting adequate sleep to allow them to be as fit and healthy as they could be. The number of people suffering from documented sleep disorders is getting progressively higher.

2012 Pajama Run in Long Beach California

Last Saturday thousands of people rolled out of bed in support of those suffering from sleep disorders to raise money and awareness for the work of the Sleep Disorder Relief Foundation. Celsius joined the event giving free samples of Celsius to the 1 mile 5K and 10K runners and walkers who participated in the 2012 Pajama Run at the Shoreline Marina Green in Long Beach California.

We met wonderful people – many in their pj’s! And we were thrilled to participate in this exciting event. All the money raised in the Pajama Run is donated to Sleep Disorder Relief Foundation a non-profit organization working to spread awareness fund more research and provide treatment for those who cannot afford it.

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