This month we recognize the people that motivate and inspire us all! What is it that we admire about them? Results? Discipline? Enthusiasm? Persistence?

Whatever it is, it’s infectious! This month we highlight Robert, who loves Celsius and enjoys it as his Ultimate Fitness Partner!

At 27, Robert weighed too much and was unhappy with what he saw when he looked in the mirror. He decided once and for all that his days of being the overweight, unhealthy man he had become were over.

He started by making immediate changes in his diet. First to be eliminated were Robert’s biggest personal vices: sugary sodas, all fast food, and, of course, calorie-laden beer. Once he put those diet-busting taboo foods in his past, Robert knew he needed a healthy addition to his diet that would give him the lasting energy he needed to get him through his workouts. One day his mom gave him Celsius, and she explained to him “it’s a pre-exercise healthy drink that provides energy the natural way without the crash you get with traditional energy drinks.”

After his first time trying Celsius, Robert was immediately sold. He started drinking Celsius 15 minutes before his workouts, which usually include playing basketball and lifting weights. He instantly noticed a difference in his energy levels, which lasted throughout his workouts and the rest of the day without any jitters or heavy crashing. Robert now makes Celsius a part of his everyday routine, usually reaching for Raspberry Acai, his favorite flavor.

Robert says he is living proof that by making healthy lifestyle and diet choices, getting active, and adding calorie-burning Celsius to your diet, anyone can get healthy and fit. Now 28 and 60 pounds lighter, Robert feels great on the inside and outside.

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