RetroHouseWifeRemix posted her review of Celsius and went in depth with her review about the product.  Read an excerpt below and follow the link to read more product reviews and insights.

"A few years ago before being pregnant with #4, I went to the gym all the time. I was doing the whole lifting weights, drinking the protein shakes etc. And if any of you go to the gym more than twice a week, you know there are sometimes you go and just drag. Drinking a thermogenesis drink before going to the gym helps so much. Not only are you preparing your body for the workout, but you are helping your body increase it's calorie burning, and increasing your energy…therefore exercising harder and longer. I knew what I ate and/or would drink, before my workout affected my workout greatly.

Now that I have a baby that needs me so much going to gym is usually just a wish. I try to lose and/or maintain by eating right, drinking right and getting exercise when I can. Drinking Celsius can maximize my results for what little exercise I get to do each day. So whether you are a busy mom about to get busier for the holidays, a college student or a regular 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 guru…you can greatly benefit from Celsius.

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