Day 13: Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus

Mary and I rode into New Orleans on scenic Route 90.   The east side of New Orleans still shows remnants of  Hurricane Issac. This was a sobering reminder of Hurricane Katrina and so many things most of us take for granted.


As we rode, thoughts turned to our reasons for doing the Mark and Mary Ride. Without a doubt part of it is for the sheer pleasure of the adventure, meeting new people and seeing new places.ride for Hydrocephalus The other reason is far more serious, creating awareness for hydrocephalus. Many are born with this devastating neurological disorder but many adults and seniors are often misdiagnosed which prolongs and complicates treatment. Research and program funding is low and hydrocephalus awareness minimal. The devastating impact of this disorder is best expressed  by the experts who work with patients and families every day. On Tuesday, September 18, just days after our ride through Panama City, the local NBC affiliate, WJHG News Channel 7 featured neurologist Dr. Sean Orr from Bay Medical Center as he treated one of his patients suffering from hydrocephalus.

The Hydrocephalus Association’s goals are three-fold: Education and Support, Research, and Legislative Advocacy so that federal research funding is not neglected in favor of more lucrative pharmaceutical interests.  Click here to learn more about hydrocephalus and the work of the Hydrocephalus Association.

Mary’s niece, Madeleine is why we ride but we ride for everyone dealing with hydrocephalus. The probability is high that you know someone who has already been diagnosed or may be in the future. If everyone that reads this blog would donate just one penny for every mile of the Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus (only $25),  we would far exceed our goal.  Your donation goes straight to the Hydrocephalus Association through a dedicated website that they set up and are hosting for us. Your Mark and Mary Ride for Hydrocephalus donation is secure on their site. The funds we raise will directly support hydrocephalus patients and their families through the programs and efforts of the Hydrocephalus Association.

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