CEO discussed reviews on energy drinksOver the past several weeks there has been a great deal of media attention given to reports of several deaths related to drinking a popular energy drink. The scrutiny and negative reviews of "energy drinks" and their safety has been building for many months. The FDA has responded that the reports don’t necessarily prove that the drinks caused the deaths or injuries.  However one of the criticisms is that the caffeine amount is not listed on the labels of these and many other energy drink products or if it is the amount of caffeine listed may not be accurate.  

Celsius nutritional informationCelsius has always strived to be honest in our advertising and labeling. We have never intentionally marketed to underage consumers and our product labels have a safety warning as well. The health and well-being of our consumers has always been important to us. Since 2004 science has support Celsius’ effectiveness in seven separate clinical studies conducted at prestigious research facilities like the University of Oklahoma. Each study included a safety component in which the scientists studied important health markers such as heart rate and blood pressure. We are happy to say that no adverse health effects were reported during these studies. 

Caffeine is the most widely consumed substance on earth and most individuals self-regulate their caffeine consumption. Caffeine is also heavily studied and widely consumed by athletes to enhance their physical endurance and performance. Equivalent to about two cups of coffee each serving of Celsius contains a total of 200mg of caffeine (total from all natural and synthetic ingredients). Unlike most of the leading brands in this category as reported in Consumer Reports the amount of caffeine in Celsius is accurately listed on the Ingredients and Supplement Facts panel on each Celsius label.. Celsius has been upfront with this critical information for years simply because it is the responsible thing to do.  

It is clear that not all energy drinks are created equal. With no sugar artificial colors flavors or preservatives Celsius is a With tens of millions of cans sold Celsius has been on the market for seven years and stands proudly behind its safety and efficacy. In addition to the seven clinical studies numerous independent reviews on energy drinks have supported the effectiveness of our product. We will continue to invest heavily in clinical research to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Celsius. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments and thank you for your support.  

Gerry David 
CEO and President
Celsius Inc.

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