People that motivate and inspire us all!

This month we would like to take the time and show them our gratitude!

● What is it they do that makes us work harder, even harder than we think we can, to be our best?

● Is it their discipline that we admire?

● Is it their results?

● Is it the constant enthusiasm and knowledge they are willing to share?

● Is it that they overcame a difficult situation and in the face of adversity have  maintained their results?

Whatever it is, it’s infectious! Here is a story from a Celsius fan that inspires us.

Meet David

David seems to be constantly coaching people as they work to improve. Whether it’s on the bowling lanes (he bowls professionally), or in the gym, we continue to hear from people whose life he’s touched. We doubt he even knows that his friends have contacted us.  Here is what he told us when he first reached out to us:

“I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product!  I have been drinking Celsius for over 2 years. I am 35 years old with 2 kids, bowl professionally and travel part time nationally. I am in the best shape of my life. A lot of that is due to your product.

“I train clients as well, as a part time job, and am currently studying to become a certified fitness trainer/sports nutritionist through the ACE (American Council of Exercise) program. I have gotten my clients into drinking your product. They love the variety of different flavors and most importantly they see results. My friends/clients have lost an average of 4-8 pounds per month with Celsius and portion control of food. My friends/clients range from house wives to "hard core biker guys" to college kids. YOUR PRODUCT IS AMAZING!”

Then – his friends started to write in and we saw a “pay it forward” story unfolding.

David’s first fan, who contacted us, was William. He is a bowling teammate and trains with David in the gym. Within 8 short weeks after introducing William to Celsius, David helped William lose 6% body fat. And, since these pictures were taken, he has trimmed another 3.75 inches off his waist! Check out his story at under real results!

And the emails keep coming:

“I was introduced to Celsius about 2 months ago by a good friend of mine Dave B. He turned me on to your drink and I can’t put the stuff down! I drink about 2-3 a day and my fav is the orange.  I can see a difference with not only burning more calories but a more defined body! Oh, and Dave just gave me a strawberry kiwi the other day and it was great!”

“My friend, David B, told me about your product and shared his success story with me.  I have a high demand career, but have always avoided energy drinks due to the high sugars and caffeine.  I'm really intrigued by your product that gives the boost without the crash.  And if David speaks highly of it, I know it must be good.  I'll look for it in my local stores and give it a try.  Who knows, I may be a success story in the future!”

“I was introduced to Celsius by Dave B.  I rather enjoy the tea's. I have recently introduced Celsius to my friends and family and they love it as well. Can we buy it in bulk? I would like to take this time to say thank you for such a life changing product!”

Even his mom wrote in to tell us how proud she is of her son!

At Celsius, we receive a lot of emails from people praising the trainers and people that have positively influenced their lives and that also introduced them to Celsius.

Now it’s our turn to thank them. Thank you David! If you have a Celsius story to share please email your story to

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