This month we recognize the people that motivate and inspire us all!

What is it that we admire about them? Results? Discipline? Enthusiasm? Persistence?

Whatever it is, it’s infectious! This month we have two very fit and very competitive people that train in different disciplines. And, they both love Celsius and count on Celsius as their Ultimate Fitness Partner!

Andre fuels his performance with Celsius. Andre is an MMA Fighter – known as Andre “The Diva” and a coach of competitive girls’ gymnastics.  We found his story inspiring and we thought you would too! Andre made it into the top 10 for his weight class in Minnesota, not bad, for a new fighter. Here is his story.

I decided to take up Mixed Martial Arts fighting, as I am a very competitive person. MMA fighting is the highest form of competition, no sticks, no balls or nets; it is just you, your body, and what you can do with it. It is a pure sport, there are countless ways to win, and that’s one of the many reasons I love it.  During and after high school I did Olympic style weight lifting and competed at the national level. MMA filled the void I had when I finished weight lifting.

I first found Celsius at a local gas station, and I picked it up because I didn’t want a sugar laden energy drink. I had seen people at my local Lifetime Fitness gym drinking Celsius, so I thought I would give it a try. Ever since then, it is the ONLY pre workout energy drink I ever drink! It raises my metabolism and increases my stamina and it doesn’t leave me bloated or feeling full. I drink my Celsius on my way to the gym in the morning and I get in a positive mood as it gets me going for hours. After reading the science behind Celsius, it makes you wonder why anyone would ever rely on any other energy supplement.

I started bringing Celsius to my matches to help my team mates. So far, everybody at my gym that has tried one has loved it. The carbonated flavors are a big hit with my teammates because it feels like a soda but they don’t have to feel guilty about drinking it.  I love Celsius so much! I even train with Celsius logoed on my shirt!

I love fighting. It has helped me stay in great athletic shape, more than I would have if I hadn’t taken up the sport. It has created many opportunities for travel, friendships, and networking. In my first year of competition, I am already ranked 9th in the state in my weight class and I have some hype and recognition associated with my name and my fights.

I am also a coach for girls’ gymnastics. Some of the teams I have helped coach have won at the competitive level for the state, including a high school team, that won state champion.

My biggest challenge has been the injuries that are inevitable in the sport. It is a rarity that something isn’t sore. For the serious fighter, there is a big learning curve for all the training disciplines. The adjustment period from being beat up day in and day out, to being able to hold one’s own while training is when most fighters will either quit or take a step back. A large portion of people aspiring to be a fighter do not realize how hard it really is to be good. Celsius and MMA fighting have been the key to keeping me in top form!

Keep up the hard work Andre. Your tireless drive inspires us!

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