The word is spreading! Real people share how they have improved their performance when exercising; people who have lost weight, and trainers and celebrity trainers that continue to introduce Celsius to their customers.  Check out the great stories here today from Ashton and William. Ashton lost 113 pounds with Celsius and exercise. William lost an additional 6% body fat and is using Celsius to outperform his competitors in lengthy bowling competitions.  Get fit and stay fit with Celsius!

Let’s have some fun! Like fitness, like more Celsius for less money?  Read on!

Celebrity Trainer, Danny Musico, who provides his clients with Celsius with the workout sessions, is releasing his new Celebrity Fitness App which will soon be available on iPads and iPods.  Watch for some exciting contests from Celsius on Danny's celebrity fitness app.

Do you have a friend with an online fitness blog? Introduce us to them and you can get a free case of Celsius, if they meet our quality standards, and post a blog about Celsius, you can earn a free case of Celsius as our way of saying thanks for the help! Click here to share your story

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