Mary and I are finishing up the last minute details for our bike ride. We turned the lock on our house for the last time on Friday, packed the bikes on the car to our starting point and are staying with friends awaiting our departure tomorrow. Everything we will need for the next couple of months is packed between the front and back panniers which means we will each be carrying 40 to 45 extra pounds on our bikes. We have packed a good supply of Celsius for the trip. The On the Go sticks and powders are light because we are sure we’ll be needing all the extra energy we can get. We took a spin this morning with everything loaded and all our gear and new equipment is working just fine.

We are looking forward to a farewell dinner tonight with our friends before heading out in the morning. Mary has been saving a bottle of 1998 Gattinara from the Italian region Mary’s ancestors are from. We cannot think of a more special occasion for popping the cork on what should be a very smooth vintage. We plan to celebrate this evening with friends, get a good night’s sleep, and head out around 9:00 am in the morning for day one of the Spirit of America Bike Ride for Hydrocephalus.

We were not able to find the fleece jackets we wanted so we will buy them on the road once the weather turns a little cooler. These are not an immediate need for a bike ride leaving Florida in September but if anyone has any good recommendations, we’d love to hear them?

We will send updates from the road as we go and, of course, you can follow us on Twitter @MarkandMaryRide.

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