With the New Year, comes a plethora of resolutions that tend to deal with changing our habits and becoming a better version of ourselves. As we count down the days until the New Year, try making some small changes now rather than doing a complete overhaul on your lifestyle January 1. Below are a few daily pre-transformation tips that are sure to help you get started on your New Year’s resolutions a bit earlier than planned! By flexing your “willpower muscles” and trying these daily fitness challenges before going full force on New Year’s Day, you will be able to learn how to maintain your long-term resolutions and set yourself up for success in 2015.

Start Drinking a Celsius a Day
Let Celsius accelerate your weight loss and fitness results for the new year. All you have to do is drink 1 Celsius a day! Clinical studies show that Celsius helps to burn up to 93% body fat and 100 or more calories, boost your metabolism and provide you with energy. Start the New Year feeling energized to get things done and stay on track. Stock up on your favorite flavors of Celsius here.

sleep_newyeartipsweightlossGet More Sleep
Many of us are guilty of burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep. Try getting into bed just 20 minutes earlier than usual and put all electronics away. If you are used to a certain bed time, it may take a while to break the habit. By only laying down 20 minutes earlier, you will be less likely to be laying and “flopping” around feeling as if you cannot sleep.

Create a Healthy Alternative to Your Favorite Treat
If weight loss is your goal for the next year, your diet will probably make a big change. Learn how to make healthier alternatives of your favorite meals. This will help you have healthier options when cravings strike. By having options and not feeling limited on a diet, you are more likely to adhere to your plan. Here is a healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe that is easy to make and is a great homemade option when you need to calm a sweet tooth.

Drink More Water
With the hustle of the holiday season, we often forget to stay hydrated and think that our cocktails or punches at parties are enough to do the trick. Try getting in 8 glasses of water each day, and even more if you are more active. Being hydrated aids in digestion, can clear complexion and helps you feel fuller longer.

Find a Fitness Friend
Having a fitness buddy or someone to hold you accountable will help you stay on track long term. Knowing that someone is taking the time out of their day to meet with you will make it more likely that you meet up with them to do something active together. While you are together, express what your long term goals are for 2015 so that you can vocalize these goals as well as have someone to hold you accountable as the months pass by.

Get Moving
Try to get yourself in the habit of getting up and moving around more. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Walk the long way back to your desk. Go for a walk and take an extra lap around the neighborhood when you’re taking the dog out or checking your mail. Anything to get your blood flowing. All of this is a great way to introduce (or re-introduce) yourself to more movement (and eventually exercise).

Start a Fitness Log
If you are serious about getting in shape and losing weight, start keeping track of your nutrition and activity levels in a fitness log. This will help you to see the big picture and how many changes you have made when looking back a few months from now. Get into the habit before the new year hits so that you can make an easy fitness transition into 2015.

With the New Year almost here, try to keep some of these daily fitness challenges going. They will probably help you reach your overall long-term goal and keep you on track.

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