Cable Cross-ups with Angeles Burke from SheKnows.comWho doesn’t want to give the “girls” a lift? While many men dedicate days to training chest or their pecs, many women tend to avoid the area all together. By neglecting to train your pectoral muscles, you are not working your upper body to its full potential.

Celsius and Angeles Burke, Director of Fitness and Wellness, are currently featured on in an article titled, "The Perky Boob Workout." In the article, Angeles explains five different exercises to obtain a perkier chest. Along with each recommended exercise, an image is provided to illustrate each proper form. Click here to read the full article. Here's just a sample of the perky boob workout.



4 sets of 10 repetitions

-Incline Chest Fly
-Incline Chest Press
-Cable Cross Ups
-Chest Dips

Full description and images for this workout can be found here.


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