We love hearing from the Celsius drinkers nationwide! Below you will find a testimonial from avid Celsius drinker, Ashley D. Read about her journey as she is in preparation to compete in her 3rd National Physique Committee (NPC) Bikini competition. Ashley- we are so excited that Celsius can help you with your contest prep as you get ready to walk the stage!

Hometown: Bristol, CT

Hobbies/ Passions: Fitness, Bikini Competitions and Healthy Eating

Favorite Food: Frozen Yogurt “FroYo” (specifically Cherry Berry)

Guilty Pleasures: Shopping and watching reality TV

Short Bio: I began my fitness journey about 1 year ago in the hopes that I would be mentally and physically healthy. I hired a coach and was eating more than I ever have in my life, lifting more than I ever could have imagined, and feeling, for the first time, confident about myself. Not only did I notice a change, but my family and friends also noticed a change, and were very proud of me!

I competed for the first time in the NPC bikini division in October and then again in November 2013 where I placed 6th in my class at both competitions. I learned so much through competing and body building, that I knew this was my new found passion. I currently am in preparation for my third bikini competition which will take place in May 2014. My goal is to inspire others, to help others better themselves and be motivating! I believe being part of the Team Celsius is the perfect opportunity for me to make that happen!

– When did you first find Celsius and what made you want to try it? I saw an ad for Celsius a few months ago on Instagram, but wasn’t able to find it at any stores. In January I started at a new gym, and just my luck, they sold it there! I bought 4 immediately, 2 Sparkling Orange and 2 Raspberry Acai, and instantly I fell in-love! The taste is amazing, the energy provided from the drink is outstanding, and it’s healthy!

– What were your goals at the time? My goal when buying Celsius for the first time was to get energy without the horrible after taste or jitters. I have tried lots of different pre-workouts in the past, and have yet to fall in-love with one.

– Why and when do you drink Celsius? I drink one Celsius a day; I will either drink one at lunch time to give me enough energy to last me through the afternoon at work so I don’t fall asleep at my desk, or I will drink one right after work to give me that extra boost to go kill it at the gym!

– How has Celsius helped you? Celsius has provided me with a healthy way to gain energy without putting harmful chemicals into my body!

– What else did you do to get the results – exercise, changes in what you ate etc.?

When on prep for a competition, like I am now, I do cardio and lift 6 days a week while following a strict meal plan. When I am not prepping for a competition, I follow “If It Fit Your Macros” IIFYM and do cardio and weight training 4-5 days a week.

– What else have you tried to get results and did they work?

I have tried a ton of different fat burners and “diet trends”, but Celsius, clean eating, and lifting heavy have given me the greatest results!

– What are your favorite flavors?

My favorite flavor would have to be Peach Mango Green Tea!

– Did you give up something else you were drinking for Celsius?

I stopped drinking diet soda at lunch time and replaced it with a Celsius. The only reason I would have a diet soda is for the caffeine, so I cut that out and started drinking Celsius as a healthy alternative!

– What do you think makes Celsius unique?

I think Celsius is unique because of the ingredients; it has no sugar, no aspartame, no artificial preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors or flavors! Not many companies can say the same!

Join Ashley and several others who are taking the Celsius Challenge by incorporating Celsius into their daily routine. Share YOUR Celsius story with us here (link to http://bit.ly/OR9Qmw). Tag your progress on social media with #CelsiusChallenge so we can keep track of your progress!

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