Mile 1166  Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 23

A friend once told me that when you enter Texas, if you roll a marble down a Texan road it will just keep going all the way to the other end. I suspect we will hear a few more Tall Texan Tales before we reach the other side. But as far as roads, Texas roads are long, flat and straight. The Woodlands must not have known about this Texan road tale, as you will not find a single straight road there.


The Woodlands is beautiful. Finding your way around is another story! We left Liberty TX with a straight shot west and then headed north to The Woodlands, just north of Houston. Finding the home of our Warm Showers hosts would have been a feat without the use of my GPS on my mobile though! Every road in The Woodlands seems to weave gracefully through an endless stream of perfectly manicured lawns and beautiful homes. There is no way easy way to get from point A to point B, it seems! Our hosts told us there are 180 miles bike paths in this community. Wow! We tried a few out the next day. They are great but like the area itself, you can easily get lost.

Faerlee and Shawn were great hosts. is a global community tour biking enthusiasts and hosts. There are several all over the Houston area. We got in early and settled down to an evening of good conversation, homemade pizza, beer and football. For a guy, it doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you again Faerlee and Shawn. Mary and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you.

We got up this morning, had a great breakfast with our hosts and decided to check out some of the bike paths the Woodlands is famous. The paths are smooth as glass. We even  caught the YMCA annual Dragon Boat Race rowing down the river!

We are parking our wanderlust for a couple of days and will take up our journey on Sunday as we embark once again on Texas roads and head to San Antonio and Austin. This small break has happened as a result of our decision to take part in Houston’s inaugural Hydrocephalus Walk on Saturday and the generosity of Margaret Powers and Susan Ryan. Margaret Powers is the power in making the Walk happen. When she heard we wanted to participate, she reached out to Susan who arranged two complimentary night stays at the Holiday Inn Express in Spring, TX. If you are looking for accommodations in the Spring area, this is the place. Not only is the hotel really  nice but everyone was so friendly. Mary and I continue to be totally blessed by all the people we are meeting. Thank you to everyone at the Hydrocephalus Association, Margaret and Susan, for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

A 3-day rest was not on our agenda, but after the continuous heat, it is a very welcome idea. If you live in the area, be sure to join us at the Walk in Robert Fleming Park on Saturday. We pick up our biking journey down Texas roads again on Sunday.

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