We all have our days where life just seems to get in the way- that is only normal. When it comes to training and nutrition, let’s face it- sometimes you just want to loaf around and eat a bunch of junk. But what separates the champions from the average person? What makes one person succeed over another doing the same type of routine?

The No Excuses Mindset

No excuses training

The no excuses mindset is the ability to say NO to things that will give you instant gratification, because you know that your long term happiness hinges on staying on track. This type of mindset takes time to acquire, you don’t just develop it over night and you will not be “perfect” in your training and nutrition ALL the time- but with consistency, dedication and discipline, you will come out a champion at the end.

Living with the no excuses mindset does not mean training when you have an injury or eating a restricted diet when you are ill. This mindset means that when you are tired for a long day at work, you still make it to the gym and give your workout all you got. When your friends want you to go out drinking, you can go out with them and enjoy 1 cocktail instead of 3 because you are focused on your end goal. When you make healthier choices… you make the right choices.

Think about it- how many times in the past week have you made some type of sorry excuse for yourself in order to get instant gratification- but then you may have felt guilty a few hours later? For example, maybe you ate some ice cream and cake because you were stressed out at work and sat in front of the TV. You should have instead made a healthier food choice and gone to the gym to train like you had planned. So while you felt happy while indulging, the happiness soon faded because you took the easy way out. When you let the little things in life get you down, you lose focus and control. Instead take a step back and evaluate the situation and think about the LONG term results you are looking for. More often than not this will help beat the urges that come along with instant gratification.

Truth be told- You will slip up once in a while and things will not go according to plan. What most successful people have in common is that they do not let these setbacks to define them. They do not let the setbacks continue. Once they have fallen of track, they get back on the plan rather than continuing into a downward spiral. So be kind to yourself when you slip up, and make no excuses. Just address the issue at hand and MOVE ON!

Try incorporating the no excuses mindset into all aspects of your life and you will begin to see that you are more productive and in control of your life. Whatever you do in life, do it with passion! To be the best at what you do there will be sacrifices that you make but in the end your overall happiness will make it all worth it.

What are some strategies that you use in order to stay on track and leave the excuses in the past? Please leave your tips in the comments section below!

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