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Celsius, Inc. is excited to announce a special new program we're calling Earn While You Blog! If you blog about health and fitness topics and aim to inspire your readers to live healthy and enjoy a happier, more fit life, then this is the program for you!

By joining our new Earn While You Blog program, you will be able to offer your readers a 10% discount on Celsius and you will earn a 20% commission on all their online purchases. To join, simply select a unique member ID that will be easy for you and your readers to remember. When you receive email confirmation of your membership’s activation, start sharing Celsius with your readers and remind them to use your member ID in the “Discount Code” box at check out when they order online.

Celsius Earn While You BlogClick here to learn more about Earn While You Blog!

When you join this program, we will send you a FREE Celsius shirt as our special welcome gift to you. As a member of the Earn While You Blog program, you will also have access to a variety of buttons and images to use on your site to point your readers to the Celsius online store. We also invite you to be a guest blogger on the Celsius Live Healthy community. 

If you have any questions about Earn While You Blog, contact aburke@celsius.com.  In the mean time, continue inspiring your readers to live healthy! We look forward to you joining the Earn While You Blog program and sharing Celsius with your audience as a tool to help them achieve their fitness goals (while you earn cash at the same time)!

Welcome to Earn While You Blog!

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