Natural Energy BoostersEven the most energetic of us can begin to drag at times. In most cases, we tend to reach for high calorie and sugar filled foods. This response is natural because your body is looking for a quick surge of energy. After eating that sweet and tasty doughnut, you may feel revved up on a sugar high and before you know it, you have once again run out of fuel. Eat another doughnut? NO!

When your energy levels are low, in most cases, your body wants some fuel source to pick up blood sugar. When we eat, our body has an insulin response- each food has a different glycemic impact or effect on the body. You can learn more about the glycemic index of food here. Some foods have a high glycemic impact, these are typically high carbohydrate and high sugar food. They provide immediate, but not necessarily sustained energy. There are other types of food that have less of a glycemic impact and provide longer lasting sustained energy without that “crash” feeling.

Below you will find some natural energy boosters that will leave you energized for hours. Give these a try rather than reaching into the cookie jar.

Serving of Nuts– Nuts are a high fat low carb and protein rich food. Many people tend to look down on nuts because of the high fat content that is associated with them. If you eat nuts in moderation, you can receive several benefits. You will get natural energy and you will be satisfied for hours. The fat will keep you full and your cravings will begin to diminish. Choose nuts as an alternative over carb rich foods such as chips, cookies, candies and crackers for energy that will last!

Brisk Walk or Climb the Stairs– If you work sitting down for the majority of the day, going on a brisk walk at lunch or climbing the stairs at work is great way to get your blood pumping. Once you do this, you will begin to feel a bit more energized. 10 minutes is all that you need.

Caffeine– A research review regarding caffeine consumption concluded that among the healthy adult population a moderate daily caffeine intake of ≤400 mg was not associated with any adverse effects. For those who are not coffee fans, reach for your Celsius and enjoy 200mg of great tasting caffeine.

B Vitamins– This group of vitamins aids in metabolic function and the breakdown of your food so that your body gets the proper nutrients for energy.

Green Tea– Many use green tea as a way to unwind and relax. It is also known to aid in weight loss since it naturally boosts your metabolism and helps to burn extra calories. Each serving of  Celsius contains Green Tea Leaf Extract as one of the active ingredients used to provide you with a natural source of steady energy.

High Protein and Healthy Fat– This type of meal will keep you full and satisfied for hours. You will get a long stream of energy as opposed to an instant rush from a large pasta meal. A great high protein and healthy fat meal option would be a Greek salad topped with a lean protein such as shrimp or chicken. Use an oil based dressing for healthy fats and load up on the fresh vegetables.

Staying active and fueling your body with nutritious food is the best way to boost your body naturally. This will ensure that you will not have a sugar crash and provide you with a steady stream of healthy and lasting energy.

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