NASCAR driver Blake Koch maintains his healthy lifestyle with Celsius as part of his everyday routine. “When I got into fitness I started hearing more about Celsius and how you could burn 100 calories with each drink. Anybody into fitness or looking to really lose fat — that’ll catch your attention. I tried it. Loved the taste. Got hooked. Been drinking ever since.”

Blake has seen some great results since he started incorporating Celsius into his fitness and meal plans. “I started by using Celsius as an energy drink to give me more energy throughout the day. When I started working out more I started drinking one before my workout and now it is part of my daily pre-workout routine. Since incorporating Celsius as part of my routine I have had unbelievable results. For the last few years I drank one before going on a long bike ride or run. I felt like it worked great. In the last couple of months I started doing heavy weight lifting and I have had great results with that too. I definitely give Celsius most of the credit for the actual change in my strength, my body fat percentage and overall physique.”

It’s not all about him either. Blake wants to share his success with his family, friends and fans. “I truly believe Celsius can help anyone accelerate their weight loss or maintain their weight goals. I had some great entries to my BK Challenge. One of my fans, Jules, lost weight and she is doing great using Celsius every day on her journey of transformation to a healthier lifestyle. I am so happy to be a part of her success. Anyone looking to lose weight can benefit from drinking one or two cans of Celsius a day. It goes well with any diet or fitness routine.”

How Celsius Factors Into Blake’s Healthy Lifestyle

For years Koch wanted to put on more muscle mass, but he was afraid that he’d also gain fat in the process. It wasn’t until he started using Celsius that he thought he could successfully achieve this goal with the specific results he was looking for.

Blake_“I have never really had a problem with weight loss, but I have never really had any muscle mass either. I had always been afraid to try to put on a lot of muscle because I didn’t want to get fat. I would try to work out with weights, but not eat enough at the same time. This time I approached it where I balance my meals out, eat more throughout the day, and I lift heavier weights with Celsius two times a day. I haven’t gained any fat, but I have gained about nine pounds of muscle mass in the last four months. I have 0% body fat increase – it’s all muscle.”

If you are one of the many people who have trouble figuring out what to eat throughout the day each week, you are not alone. There are ways to make your life easier though, according to Koch. “I am on a meal plan. I eat every two and a half hours. I pre-package all my meals on Sunday. My wife and I cook all of our meals for the entire week and get ’em all bagged up so I have all my meals for the whole week and that’s pretty awesome.”

Blake has a stash of Celsius on him at all times to maintain his healthy lifestyle. “My fridge is loaded up with them. I drink two of them a day. I drink one right when I wake up which is right before I go to the gym to work out. I have another one around 2 p.m. to not only satisfy the taste that I’m craving, but to also give me a boost to finish off the day. My son has seen me drinking Celsius every day since he was born and he calls it dada’s juice,” laughs Koch.

“I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t try Celsius. I think it’s the best form of energy you can get. It tastes awesome and the results are incredible. So…why wouldn’t you try it. Keep your workout routine and start drinking it if you’re not already — you’ll see the results.”

Healthy Living Meal Plan

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve or deprive yourself. “I give myself one cheat meal per week. On Sunday we may go out and have a killer breakfast and I’ll eat whatever I want or we’ll order a pizza. I just kinda splurge one day out of every week. That way I get it out of my system and it helps keep me stay on track after working hard all week. It keeps your goal in range and helps you keep wanting to stick to your meal plan. I’m all for the one cheat meal per week. It’s not going to hurt you that bad and it’ll keep you on track in the long run.”

Holidays are no excuse to get off track. “We will be sticking with the meal plan throughout the holidays. We will just shift our cheat meal day! Thanksgiving will become my cheat meal, Christmas, etc. I’m glad both of those holidays aren’t too close together otherwise I’d be in trouble!”

Koch gives a tip to beginners trying out meal management. “Nutrition is the majority of where you’re going to see results. It’s what you are putting in your body. And that includes what you’re drinking too. You need to drink plenty of water, Celsius before you work out, and you need to eat right. You should have good proportions of different foods, but not big portions. You can workout all you want, but if you don’t change you’re eating and drinking habits you’re not going to see any results.”

Blake continues, “Whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight — or whatever your goals are — don’t get obsessed with the scale. I always tell people to put the scale away for three weeks. If you’re starting a program, put it away for three weeks. Weigh yourself and take pictures on day one, then three or four weeks later get on the scale and take pictures and compare. If you start getting on that scale every day you will drive yourself nuts. It could have a negative effect.”

Sample Menu

First Meal: Oatmeal, egg whites, turkey sausage and a half a cup of fruit with one can of Sparkling Orange Celsius

Second Meal: Protein Shake with a protein bar

Third Meal: Pre-packaged meal – chicken or turkey burger, some vegetables and some rice or a sweet potato

Fourth Meal: Pre-packaged meal – chicken or turkey burger, some vegetables and some rice or a sweet potato

Fifth Meal: With the family – Vegetables, low-carb sides and lean protein (chicken, turkey, steak or fish)

Sixth Meal: No carbs. Protein shake before bed.

Healthy Living Workout Routine

Blake has a pretty organized workout routine, but you can always change things up when you need to. He does an hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio six days a week. “Sometimes I do mix it all up to keep my body guessing. Maybe I’ll do my legs and abs on the same day because I can’t work out on Saturday because I have a race or something. For cardio I just run now. I run about three miles a day.”

Koch gives a tip for those just starting out with exercise. “Swimming is a total body workout, but it is a tall order for someone just beginning to do that for 30 minutes straight. Running is great for beginners because you can change your pace up. You can have a fast walk, a slow jog, sprints, etc. I like to keep my heart rate at around 120-130 for 30 minutes. With running you get a good workout in a short period of time.

For a bike ride you have to go on a really long bike ride to make a difference and it’s hard to find a place to go for that sometimes. Running is a lot easier. You can run on a treadmill or go outside. (Even jog or run in place inside). You get the same level of workout whether you are on a treadmill or hitting the pavement. Treadmills are very good for base runs where you set your pace and then you can set your incline (1 or 2 recommended) to give a little resistance — and that mimics a run you’d have outside.”

Sample Workout

M20141114_154749onday: One our of back and biceps, 30 minutes of cardio

Tuesday: One hour of chest and triceps, 30 minutes of cardio

Wednesday: One hour of legs, 30 minutes of cardio

Thursday: One hour of abs and core, 30 minutes of cardio

Friday: One hour of shoulders, 30 minutes of cardio

Saturday: One hour of arms, 30 minutes of cardio

Plan Ahead When Traveling

Just because you are traveling, there is no reason you can’t stay on track. “I travel every week. I leave every Thursday and come home Saturday night 36 weeks out of the year. What I usually do when I go to the race track is, as soon as I land and get into a rental car, I will go on Google Maps and locate the nearest gym to work out. If I have to be at the track at 8 a.m. on a Friday morning, I’ll hit the gym at 5 a.m. and get a quick workout in and then go to the race track. I don’t believe in the excuses of not having time or not working out because you’re traveling because I travel a lot and I’m able to do it. I know it’s possible.”

No gym? No problem. “Even if I travel to a place where there is no gym I work out in my room. I always pack one of those resistance bands in my backpack and I’ll just do a quick band workout. They are very inexpensive. You can go to any sporting goods store (or even stores like Target) and purchase one. The bands are great. You can change the resistance and work out whatever body part you want to focus on that day. You can also do push-ups. You can do those anywhere. You can also always go outside for a run. There’s always a place to go for a run. I will even run in the rain. (You can also run or jog in place in your hotel room).”

It may be a pain to pack cans of Celsius when you are traveling as that can make your luggage heavier, but there is a solution for that too. “I take the Flo Fusion powder with me when I am on the road because it travels so well in packet form.”

Blake’s Ongoing Motivator

Life is a journey. Staying on a road that leads to a healthy and happy life is key to the best possible journey anyone can have. We all want to feel good every day – not just some days. That is definitely a motivator for Blake. “I’m very passionate about working out. It has become a hobby of mine. I love feeling good, feeling in shape and feeling healthy and that is definitely what keeps me going.”


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