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You are determined that this is the year that you will get in shape. That is a wonderful goal! But how are you going to get there? Be concrete when you set goals for yourself. For example, pick a number of pounds you want to lose or clothing size you would like to fit into. It may be a big goal to lose 30 pounds. Start off with that as your target goal.


Now, I want you to make smaller, sub-goals that will help you along the way to reach your target goal. These sub-goals should contain the “how” of reaching your goal. Are you going to walk 2 miles twice a week? Only eat out 3 days a week? Eliminate fast food from your diet? Begin with one small goal and once you tackle it and it becomes part of your lifestyle, move on to another type of goal. Once all of these small goals become part of your daily routine, you will begin to see results.


Try this On-the-Go Snack & Basic Shoulder Workout!

Healthy Recipe: Peanut Butter Apples Snack

Move It to Lose It Shoulder Workout

By setting goals and planning ahead, you can set yourself up for success. Below you will find the link to a great tasting snack that you can bring with you to work or take with you as you travel. You will also find a link to a shoulder workout video from National Level BodyBuilder and former Mr.Florida, Rodney B, from Results Health and Nutrition.


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