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This week, Team Celsius is excited to share this simple workout to help you sculpt beautiful shoulders. With the spring weather right around the corner, you will not be able to hide under those sweaters and baggy clothes for too much longer. In this video, national level bodybuilding competitor and former Mr. Florida, Rodney, demonstrates a basic shoulder workout that will tone and sculpt your upper body to get you ready to wear your favorite sleeveless tank!





     In this video, Rodney gives us the important tips
     and understanding to do these exercises safely
     with proper form and technique.
     You can review or print these tips below as well. 






     Equipment: 2 Dumbbells

     3- 4 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise

     Use a weight that allows you to perform all
     15 repetitions with proper form. I suggest starting
     with 2lb dumbbells and moving up from there.


Side Lateral Raises

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand with feet underneath you and arms relaxed at your sides. Raise both arms out to side until each arm is parallel with the ground. Slowly lower arms back down to starting position. During this exercise, allow your shoulders to move the weight. Do not throw your body forward to provide momentum to pick up the weight. Keep shoulders relaxed the entire time. If you begin to let shoulders rise up to your ears, you may need to lower the weight in order to maintain proper form.


Alternating Front Raises

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand with feet underneath you and your hips tucked under. Allow for the dumbbells to rest on the front part of your thighs. Bring your right arm up in front of you so that your arm is straight and parallel to the ground. Lower your arm back down to your thigh and perform the same movement with your left arm. Alternate back and forth until you have completed 15 repetitions per arm.


Seated Over Head Press

Sit down on a bench or chair and hold dumbbells in each hand and allow them to rest on your thighs. Bring dumbbells up to sides to that your arm makes a 90 degree angle. The dumbbells will be near your ears. That is your starting position. Keep your back straight the entire time and push the dumbbells up towards the ceiling. Make the dumbbells touch at the top and then bring them back to starting position with your bicep horizontal and your forearm vertical to the ground in a 90 degree angle.


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This week’s workout  video features Rodney B, the owner of Results Health & Nutrition in Brandon, FL. Rodney is certified in Sports Nutrition and is also a Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience. Rodney has helped clients of all ages including body builders, figure & bikini competitors, wrestlers, baseball and football players, and swimmers. He has also helped several individuals prepare for Military training. Rodney has a passion when it comes to helping individuals trying to improve their overall health and get into better shape. He has also been a bodybuilding competitor since 1994 and has won the overall titles of Mr. Thunder Bay 1997 and Mr. Florida 2006. In 2012, Rodney won the Open Heavy Weight class at the All South Bodybuilding Competition in St. Augustine, Florida. Currently, Rodney is a National Level Bodybuilder training to obtain professional status.


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