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The last couple of weeks, Angeles has shared Move It to Lose It workouts you can take to the gym or do at home if you have free weights. This week, with some great images provided by Justin and Angela, we have a few equipment free workout ideas you can do anywhere. If you're lucky enough to live where you have fresh air and a little open space, take advantage of it! If it's still cold outside where you are, clear some space and use the stairs in your house to beat the winter slump with these exercises. 


Pushup Climbers

Repetitions – 4 sets of 10

1. Start in a plank position with hands shoulder width apart and feet close together. Slowly drop your body down so that your stomach touches the ground. Keep your eyes looking forward the entire time.  Pushup through your palms and return to the starting position. Keep your core tight and engaged. Do not allow your hips to sag or be too high in the air. Keep your back nice and straight and perform the pushup 10 times. You can modify this move and perform the pushups on your knees in order to keep proper form and complete all repetitions.

2.  Once you complete 10 pushups keep your hands on the floor and bring alternating knees into your chest 10 times on each side. That completes one round of Pushup Climbers. Rest for 45 seconds before moving on, or keep going until your arms feel fatigued and you need to take a rest.


Hit the Stairs!

Repetitions – 10 rounds


1. Find some bleachers at a local track that you can use  to run up and down and get your heart rate up and burn those calories. You can start by running or walking from the top to the bottom of the bleachers or until you feel a bit winded. As you jog or walk back down to the bottom, use that time as active recovery to catch your breath for the next round. Perform 10 rounds.

2. To make this a bit more challenging, when you get to the top of the aisle, side shuffle through the row until you get to the next aisle. Then jog or walk down and run back up the bleachers without taking a break. Perform 10 rounds.

3. For those of you who really want a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workout and have a good amount of stamina, start by running to the top of the bleachers. When you get there perform 15 jumping jacks. Then jog back down and run in place with high knees (bringing your knees to your chest) 10 times per side. Take a 20 second rest and move on to the next round. Perform 10 rounds.

When using the bleachers, make sure that you are working with a decent sized stadium so that you can really get your heart rate up. If the distance seems too short, run up and down a few times until you start to feel out of breath. If the distance seems too long, rest at the half way point.



Spring officially starts in two weeks! Get out of the gym and get yourself into shape with these fun outdoor workouts! Like Justin and Angela, make these exercises even more fun with a spouse, partner, or friend. Follow a fun afternoon of getting fit together by cooking a healthy dinner together. Try Angeles' spaghetti squash pasta recipe and make it a date!

For more fitness and recipe ideas, be sure to download the FREE Move It to Lose It eBook and don't miss the special offer featured at the end!

Free Move It to Lose It eBook

Justin and Angela Rubin

Justin Rubin is the Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Westwood in Los Angeles, California. Justin brings energy and enthusiasm to the group fitness experience. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Justin is a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a medaled competitor nation-wide. Certified by AFAA, Schwinn Cycling and Equinox’s own EFTI program, Justin teaches Studio Cycling as well as various signature formats around the Los Angeles Area. With passion and consistency, Justin endeavors to bring out the best in everyone he coaches. Twitter @justinrubin

Angela Moore Rubin is a USAT Level I triathlon coach, and an ISSA certified personal trainer, as well as Schwinn Certified. She is an avid triathlete and ultra-marathon runner. She has a passion for fitness and endurance sports and loves to inspire and encourage everyone at any level.  Her motto is “Anything is Possible.” Twitter @turboangie





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