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This week’s Move It to Lose It workout idea shows you some great exercises to tone your lower body. I refer to this as a "combo workout" because each move has two steps making these exercises efficient and effective to get great results. Perform 4 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise using a light set of dumbbells. I recommend 3-5 pound dumbbells as a starting point. If you feel like the moves are too simple, add some more weight to challenge your body and your mind as you work harder to get the most out of each training session. Each step of this week’s lower body and leg workout is shown below with images you can use as a guide for proper form.


Curling Stationary Lunge

Curling Stationary Lunge 

Targets- Glute, Hamstring, Quads, and Biceps
Repetitions- 4 sets of 20 (each side)

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and rest them down by your sides. Bring your right leg forward and left leg back into a wide lunge stance. Place the majority of your weight on the heel of your right foot and drop your body down so that your thigh becomes parallel with the floor. Keep your back straight and push through your heel back up to starting position. Once you are at the top, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells up to your shoulder to perform a bicep curl. Lower dumbbells back down to your side, which will complete one repetition. Once you complete all 20 repetitions on this side, switch and bring your left leg forward.

Squat Calf Lift

Squat Calf Lift

Targets- Glute, Hamstring, Quads, and Calves
Repetitions- 4 sets of 20 (each side)

Stand tall and hold 2 light dumbbells up against your chest. Bring feet out into a wide stance and point your toes out. Drop your glutes down so that your thighs become parallel with the floor. Then come back up to the startingposition and lift your heel up and place all your weight on the ball of your foot. Squeeze at the top, flexing the calf. Release back down to start position and repeat.


Step Up-Kick Back

Step Up- Kick Back

Targets- Glute, Hamstring, Quads
Repetitions- 4 sets of 20 (each side)

Hold a light dumbbell in each hand down by your side. Stand facing a low bench or step. Place your right foot on top of the bench and press through your right heel to bring your entire body up. While standing up at the top, lift left foot back about 1 foot in a nice and controlled movement, while tightening up your left glute. Release leg and bring your left leg back to the ground. Repeat movement 20 times per side, keeping the right leg up on the bench the entire time and then switch to your left.



For a great lower body workout, try these combo moves this week and let me know how it goes in the comments section below. I'd love to hear your favorite lower body moves too. You'll find more workout ideas and great healthy recipes throughout the Live Healthy Community. This week I am also sharing a yummy chicken salad recipe you can use to enjoy a healthy lunch. Remember, you have to Move It to Lose It!

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